I am writing to support Greg Walden for Congress because of what he did to help Dwight and Steven Hammond when they were unjustly imprisoned.

Ggreg Walden grew up in rural Oregon near The Dalles and Hood River working in a cherry orchard. He knows what it is like to be a farmer or rancher trying to make a living off the land. This gives him a great advantage when constituents need relief from actions of the federal government. Like the Hammonds did.

This is where having a representative like Greg Walden is such an advantage. Greg immediately gave an impassioned speech on the U.S. House floor on their behalf. After that, he worked tirelessly for their pardon. It was not until Donald Trump became president that logic was applied to the case. In July, justice won and the Hammonds finally left prison for their ranch in Harney County.

Who could be next? Will the imponderable Blue Mountains Forest Plan ensnare one of our ranchers? Support Greg Walden. He will helps us.

Anita VanGrunsven


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