When I was growing up in the 60’s and70’s, when we recieved a gift we were expected to send a thank you note or give a personal thank you; as in a hug to grandma. Now it seems as though thank yous for wedding gifts, graduation gifts and birthday presents are purely optional.

The past ten years have seen a thank you card or personal reply for maybe 25% of the events we have responded to. It makes me wonder who is teaching proper etiquette to children these days. It seems as though the individual is all that matters and they want what they feel that they are entitled to. Often cards will state that cash is preferred to gifts for a down payment on a house or to reduce unwanted items or so they can buy what they wish.

This has really soured my willingness to support anyone’s major lifetime achievement. A Facebook reply thanking everyone just doesn’t cut it. Besides, I don’t have Facebook.

Alan Klages,

sixty-year Wallowa County resident

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