Lyrics of a song, made popular in the mid ’40s by crooner Bing Crosby, suggest that to be happy you’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and latch onto the affirmative.

AMGC accentuates the positive.

Thumbs up to the Alpine Meadows greens superintendent, Gregg Sturtevant and crew, Greg Oveson, Mac Huff, Jon and JD Hagan, Gary Willett, Joshua Shoffner and Sherri Currie. The fairways, the greens, and yes, even the rough is up to snuff.

Thumbs up to the sculptured tee boxes that add to the aesthetics of the course.

Thumbs up to Curt Nebel, clubhouse manager, for making the clubhouse a “golfer friendly” gathering place to enjoy coffee, crumpets and conversation.

Thumbs up to clubhouse employee, Julie Sears, who cooks, serves beverages, and helps in pro shop. Sears, along with Sherri Currie has added a tasty pizazz to “lunch on the green.”

Another thumbs up to Christine Eaves for holding down the fort afternoons and evenings.

Thumbs up to the ladies golf group (project chaired by Ernestine Kilgore and Pat Patterson), who has made refreshing improvements to the women’s restroom ... vinyl flooring, newly painted walls, and new commodes.

Thumbs up to the Board of Directors for the work they do. AMGC is open to two new board members Jan. 1, 2016. If interested, this is your chance to become a part of the decision-making process for your golf course.

Thumbs up to the 42 Rat Race couples who braved the weather to golf in the Labor Day weekend tournament.

Thumbs up to golfers who obey golf cart signs, and keep carts away from greens.

Eliminate the negatives with thumbs down to those who fail to repair ball marks, and also those who spit sunflower shells on greens. Although not correlated ... thumbs up to firefighters and “finally” smokeless skies. Thumbs down to those who throw cigarette butts on the fairway.

Latch on to the affirmative with thumbs up to the Wallowa County Chieftain for publishing AMGC events. One reader of the column, who is a non-golfer, mentioned that she now knows the difference between bunkers and BOOGIES. Laugh. Laugh. Love it.

Come golf. Alpine Meadows is a happy bunch.

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