Red Cross shelter for evacuees ready to receive

Elliott Seyler/ChieftainLeft to right: Rebecca Vaughn, Rich Rautenstrauch, and Heather Stanhope are managing the Red Cross Shelter at the Enterprise High School.

The American Red Cross shelter at Enterprise High School is set up and even ready to take its show on the road.

It was established the evening of Aug. 20 to house persons displaced by the Grizzly Bear Complex Fire at Troy and surrounding areas.

But it’s too early for refugees, so a team from the group is preparing to move closer to the fire area to dispense needed supplies and do recovery services.

“People may not know we are here,” said Heather Stanhope, the shelter manager.

They’re big problem right now is the generosity of the community, as many people want to donate home cooked meals and snacks.

While the offers are tempting, they’re limited in the donations they can take, said Stanhope.

“(As a Red Cross facility) we cannot accept things that have not been prepared in a certified kitchen with licensed food handlers,” she said.

Home cooked meals (or plates of brownies) can be eaten by the staff and visiting firefighters, however.

Those wishing to make a donation can donate monetarily to the Red Cross and designate it for the Enterprise Shelter or the Grizzly Bear Complex Fire, Stanhope said.

“The (Thunder Run) bike rally collected money last night, and they plan to have another little fundraisier today (Friday, Aug. 21), but unless someone collects it and then writes us a check, we can’t take it. We can’t take cash,” Stanhope said.

What they can take is bottled water and individually packed snacks.

They also have a list of community volunteers who have offered a place to stay, housing for pets, and other services.

Both Enterprise Animal Hospital and Double Arrow Veterinary Clinic have offered to house pets free of charge.

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