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Old growth in OSU's H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest. The university has stopped cutting older trees in its research forests.

A mobile adjustable platform enables employees to prune trees and pound stakes in the ground to help the trees withstand the wind.

Scott Blauer, general manager, checks on drip irrigation at Teton Trees, a nursery near Rupert in southeastern Idaho.

After trees are potted, they are placed on a trailer bed that was built with a conveyer belt.

Researchers at Oregon State University have determined a combination of factors — apart from pesticides — may be to blame in part of bumblebee deaths beneath linden trees.

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PORTLAND — The U.S. Forest Service was recently joined by a timber company in defending the necessity of a 11,700-acre Oregon thinning project…

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I need to be more careful about being careful about what I wish for. My new job has me down in the Imnaha Canyon a bunch, and it’s great. So t…

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Everyone loves the smell of leather, and that’s what you get when you walk into the Sharp Saddles storefront at W.C. Marketplace, 203 N. Main …