Area runners gear up for district

Wallowa's Hayley Oveson fends off a challenge from Enterprise's Krista Stangel in pre-district cross-country competition in Pendleton Friday. The two runners will square off in a rematch this week during the district competition at Pendleton's McKay Park. Photo by Rick Swart

CORRECTION (published 10/30/03): Due to an editing error last week, Wallowa Cross Country Coach Jess Turner was misquoted as saying his team was a contender for first or second at state. What Turner actually said was that his team was a contender for first or second place at district. The Cougars did indeed take second place at district, as Turner predicted. The Chieftain apologizes to Turner for the mistake and any embarrassment that it caused.


For area cross-country teams, it all comes down to one race.

The District 2A/1A-7 meet at Pendleton's McKay park in Pendleton on Friday is the one that counts.

That is the meet that will decide who advances to the state meet at Lane Community College in Eugene the following week.

Union, rated number one in the state in's statewide coaches poll, is the odds on favorite to win the girls competition while the number five rated Enterprise is favored to win the boys competition.

Look out for Wallowa, though. The Cougars, led by state runner-up sophomore Hayley Oveson on the girls side, and senior Nick Johnson, the fifth place finisher at state two years ago, are laying for the top dogs. The Union boys could be in contention as well, nearly beating Enterprise two weeks ago at Alpine Meadows.

"I think we are in contention for either first or second at district," said Wallowa Coach Jess Turner. "We have a lot of seniors who would like to go to state. If they step up and do what they're capable of I think we could do it."

Johnson, who is coming back from a broken ankle that sidelined him last year, ran his best race of the season last week at the pre-district meet on the same course where runners will race this week. His time of 17:32 on the 5,000 meter course was good enough for second place behind Pendleton's Robert Jolnke (17:28). More importantly, it gave him a leg up on Enterprise's top runner, Michael Swart, who finished the race in 17:43. However, Enterprise, bolstered by seniors Andy Vernarsky in fourth (17:48), Andrew Gorbett in eighth (18:34), and Chris Lozier in ninth (18:35), breezed to a team victory with 38 points, overpowering second place Pendleton with 64 and Wallowa in third with 72. Wallowa was without the services of Lee Phelps, who was ill with the flu, and Samuel Brainard, who usually round out the Cougars' top five.

A similar scenario played itself out in the girls competition, where Wallowa's Hayley Oveson (19:27) maintained her dominance over Enterprise's top runner, Krista Stangel (20:33). However, the Cougars were without the services of three of their top runners - Deena Tsiatsos, Victoria Silveira and Samantha Silveira - paving the way for Enterprise to win the team competition.

The district meet is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m.PRE-DISTRICT 2A/1A - 7

October 17, 2003

McKay Park, Pendleton


Team results - 1. Enterprise 31, 2. Umatilla 57, 3. Pendleton 72, 4. Stanfield 82, 5. Weston-McEwen 96.

Individual results - 1. Hayley Oveson, W, 19:27; 2. Krista Stangel, E, 20:33; 3. Julie Vernarsky, E, 22:23; 4. Kelsey Davis, El., 22:34; 5. Audrey Marier, P, 22:25; 6. Rosa Bantista, S, 22:46; 7. Elizabeth Lougee, Um., 23:14; 8. Linnaea Kibler, E, 23:31; 9. Thalia Russell, S, 23:43; 10. Devan Roxbury, Um., 24:00; 11. Jaymi Grant, P, 24:08; 12. Jera Wollenburg, E, 24:26; 13. Caitlin Turner, W, 24:31; 14. Meranda Lindquist, Um., 24:39; 15. Nicole Anderson, E, 24:41; 16. Kayla Ames, Um., 24:42; 17. Vianey Angel, St., 24:55; 18. Katherine Hensel, W-M, 24:56; 19. Elizabeth Rena Loza, W-M, 25:17; 20. Keri Kordatzky, P, 25:27; 21. Samantha Minor, W-M, 25:35; 22. Carri Davis, W-M, 25:51; 23. Audrey Dahlin, Um., 26:00; 24. Alina Haberstich, P, 25:16; 25. Aurelia Erickson, P, 26:19.


Team results - 1. Enterprise 38, 2. Pendleton 64, 3. Wallowa 72, 4. Umatilla 80, 5. Joseph 127, 6. Stanfield 137, 7. Umatilla 153.

Individual results - 1. Robert Jolnke, P, 17:28; 2. Nick Johnson, W, 17:32; 3. Michael Swart, E, 17:43; 4. Andy Vernarsky, E, 17:48; 5. Kyle Clough, J, 18:16; 6. Tyler Harris, Um., 18:20; 7. Eli McGruffy, W-M, 18:33; 8. Andrew Gorbett, E, 18:34; 9. Chris Lozier, E, 18:35; 10. Brandon Casper, W, 18:42; 11. Matthew Montgomery, P, 18:44; 12. Neal Rice, P, 18:47; 13. Joe Thomas, P, 18:51; 14. Nathan Slinker, E, 18:53; 15. Chris Tsiatsos, W, 18:54; 16. Chad Blackburn, S, 19:06; 17. Paul Matsen, Um., 19:09; 18. Jordan Martinez, Um., 19:15; 19. Jerry Stice, Um., 19:18; 20. Leonard Rontson, Um., 19:20; 21. Terry Wyckoff, S, 19:35; 22. Tanner Beglau, W, 19:49; 23. Caleb Pringle, W, 19:56; 24. Kevin Ryan, J, 20:03; 25. Derek Layton, J, 20:06; 26. Kyle Sobolta, S, 20:08; 27. Kyle Burnside, P, 20:14; 28. Uriel Aparicio, Um., 20:16; 29. Paul Aimsworth, P, 20:42; 30. Derek Huff, E, 20:49; 31. McCord Dentan, S, 20:52; 32. David Dallas, P, 20:54; 33. Antonio Armenta, Um., 20:55; 34. Josh Aldrich, W-M, 21:02; 35. Jacob Willis, W-M, 21:17; 36. Matte Sievers, J, 21:30; 37. Julian Moro, J, 21:31; 38. Doug Watson, W-M, 21:48; 39. Ross Pack, Um., 21:55; 40. Eric Lougee, Um., 21:59; 41. Riley Wortman, E, and Calvin Hodge, Um., (tie) 22:04; 43. Darren Burnside, P, 22:30; 44. Marc Mills, S, 22:54; 45. Mike Gibson, El., 23:12; 46. Thomas Rogers, W-M, 23:40; 47. Tim Wyland, Um., 24:17; 48. Curtis Pinard, P, 25:00; 49. John Torre, Um., 25:35; 50. Seth Watson, J, 27:31; 51. Reegan Bork, P, 29:16.

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