An energized and prepared Jeff Edison of Enterprise, backed by a number of Joseph parents, approached the Enterprise School Board Monday night with yet another proposal for a cooperative baseball team. This marked the third time since last spring that baseball enthusiasts have been before the Enterprise board.

Edison's group initially proposed a cooperative baseball program with Joseph, later proposed a cooperative baseball program with Wallowa and now are again asking for a cooperative program with Joseph.

The driving force is that EHS does not have enough kids to field a quality baseball program of its own, but would benefit from a relationship with another school.

Edison said that Joseph is much more interested in such a program than they were last spring. "I think we can put it together quite easily with Joseph," said Edison. "Superintendent Rich Graham is 100 percent behind this."

Rather than work out a cooperative arrangement with Enterprise earlier this fall, Wallowa decided to create an autonomous baseball program of its own.

Joseph's decision last spring was based on the feeling that they had enough baseball players of their own to field a competitive team, said Graham. He also said that no official proposal was presented to his school board.

Enterprise board member Vetie Stenkamp suggested that her board "tread lightly" on the matter. The board decided not to respond to Edison's request to take a formal vote Monday night. Instead they agreed to create a committee of Stenkamp, board chairman Bill Ables and school administrators Brad Royse and Blake Carlsen. Royse called Graham the next morning and the Joseph superintendent will recommend to the Joseph board Oct. 14 that they four persons to meet with the Enterprise contingent.

Royse was adamant that his board not make similar mistakes to those made last spring. "We did jump in last year and it worked against us," said Royse. "If we made a proposal tonight we would be dead in the water again."

"I think Joseph is ready for this," said Edison.

"We will be ready for a vote in November one way or the other," said Royse.

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