Corak recharges fast band of Outlaws

<I>Hector del Castillo/Chieftain</I>

Before the first snap, Chuck Corak has already successfully revitalized football at Enterprise High School.

About 40 boys turned out for preseason under the new head coach, who returns after commanding Enterprise teams from 1981 to '91. The number of participants might further increase, though Corak admitted playing time was less likely for latecomers.

"These boys already passed the first test," Corak said. "They practiced twice a day last week, and they're asking for more."

Corak and assistants Kevin McCadden, Mike Rowley, and Sam Magera have tried to corral an unbridled band of athletes. For example, he noted senior Skyler Willis has the potential to be a quality fullback and defensive end "if I can tame him."

Likewise, the puzzle includes many more usable pieces. Senior Jaymes Butterfield returns as an overpowering nose guard and offensive tackle. Senior Jake Nichols, senior Ty Edison and junior Alex Courtney also show potential on the line.

Meanwhile, Chaunce Galletly and Kyle Stangel, a pair of juniors, stand as top contenders to become quarterback. Last year, Galletly took some snaps. And senior Jacob Girtz has already proven himself as a solid fullback.

The list of athletes goes on. Jacob and Jared Micka impressed Corak as fleet-footed receivers and defensive backs. Another back, Cade Steen transferred from Joseph. Corak described him as "quicker than Greased Lighting."

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