Last week, Wallowa High School's volleyball team had many ups and downs.

We came out over-confident against Joseph at our gym. Without breaking a sweat, we won the first two games of the match, 25-11 and 26-24. Skylar Waters had a really good hitting night for us. She would finish the match with six kills. She made 19 serves without an error and scored two aces. Megan Goller had seven aces and no errors on her 18 serves. Meagan McKenzie was a force around the net. She tallied 14 kills. Kuulei Delatori added seven.

But needing one more game to take the match, we lost three in a row. That was demoralizing. None of us was proud of our performance as a team. We wanted to improve.

The rest of the week, we practiced with more intensity. We discussed some changes and talked about our attitudes, positioning and communication. We put in a lot of work. It was a little hectic, but we had a good feeling about our next match.

Imbler was a tough test. They were excited for their homecoming, but we jumped ahead in the first game of the match. We stayed in front for most of the action and took that advantage into a timeout. But then, Imbler came back inspired and beat us by just a few points. We fought hard for the next two games but again fell short in the scoring portion. Nevertheless, our team sensed we had played well.

We wanted to carry that feeling over to our match the next day at Cove, but I think we lost the fire. Cove beat us in three games. It dropped out record in the league to 0-4. The frustration was eating us, and that showed in the way we played. There was a division in the team. We had energy, but something was holding us back. It didn't appear we wanted the win like we used to. Just two weeks earlier, we defeated the same Cove team for the championship of Joseph's tournament.

I think that we have a lot to work on, especially off the court. We plan to work very hard at practice. We're going to rebuild our confidence and camaraderie.

Anna Chrisman is a senior on Wallowa High School's volleyball team. E-mail comments and questions to her at

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