Wallowa Cougar volleyball had a busy week that brought four wins, stretching the squad’s win streak to seven. All four matches were won in straight sets.

Oct. 2 saw the Cougars face off against the Elgin Huskies, who left the court badly mauled after set scores of 25-17, 25-14 and 25-9. Coach Janea Hulse said that the squad’s efforts to maintain a positive attitude and enhance its intensity and momentum have paid off.

Hulse noted the play of Grace Pendarvis’ feat of 11 serves in a row. Pendarvis placed the ball well and moved her serves around. Shanna Rae also received kudos for tough play on the net. She lead the team with 10 kills and 2 solo blocks. Rylee Goller had 14 digs and five kills while Ashlyn Young played stellar defense with 15 assists and 3 kills.

Coach Hulse said she’s proud of the team’s effort.

“They are proving to be tough and playing with heart on every play. Our success is based on giving it all on every point,” she said. “It’s one point at a time.”

Oct. 5 saw a joyous homecoming with the team shooting down Pine Eagle in three sets. Again, the Cougars moved the ball well, getting more comfortable with offense and defense and played outside its comfort zone, to which the ladies responded well.

Ashlyn Young played aggressive on the court with 21 assists and three kills. Bailey Hafer picked up her defense and added six kills for the victory.

“This team is working hard,” Hulse said. “They are one unit and a family.”

The following day saw Helix as the next squad to fall to the Cougar attack, the sets scored at 25-7, 25-22 and 25-14.

Hulse noted that Rylee Goller played well and showed continued improvement. She led the defense with 23 digs and played controlled offense, adding five kills to the total. Shanna Rae Tillery kept up the intensity with 14 kills and three blocks.

Nixyaawii fared no better against the Cougs. Set scores were 25-9, 25-11 and 25-10.

Tillery spaded nine digs and dished up six kills. Ella Moeller got coach kudos for her court communication skillsI along with her attitude and work ethic. Riley Ferre smashed eight kills in the match and exhibited great leadership skills, according to Hulse.

The week left the Cougars with an 8-3 league record and 10-11 overall. They next travel to Joseph on Thursday, Oct. 11, and end league play with a road trip to Crane.

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