Wallowa County made a strong showing at the Enterprise Invitational 5K cross country meet this past Friday, as well as the preceding weekend’s Catherine Creek Scamper 5K and the 2.6-mile Asotin XC Island Run. Both the boys and girls got runners into the top 20 over the past two weeks.

On the boys team, Jacob Evarts took 8th at the Catherine Creek Scamper, with a time of 21:37, while James Madsen claimed 12th with his 22-minute run and Jacob Stampe’s 22:42 took 16th. The boys showed a great deal of improvement in Enterprise, with juniors Jacob Evarts, Jacob Stampe and Zyler Hermens, sophomores Curtis Sanders and James Madsen, and freshman Kyler Winn all bettering their times from the preceding weekend, some by a minute or more.

The girls team performed even better. At Catherine Creek, four girls placed in the top 20. Dawn Mist Movich-Fields (senior) took 5th with a time of 22:18, Isabelle Tingelstad (junior) took 7th with her 23:28, Eliza Irish (sophomore) claimed 12th after 23:55, and Reagan Bedard (junior) took 13th in junior varsity with 29:03.

At the Asotin XC Island Run, a 2.6-mile run on Chief Timothy Island in Clarkston, Wash., Dawn Mist Movich-Fields took home the gold with her time of 17:07.40 — a personal best. Also in the top 10 was Isabelle Tingelstad, who took 8th with a time of 19:13.50.

In Enterprise, the girls again performed solidly, with Dawn Mist Movich-Fields taking 3rd with a time of 21:20 — a 58 second improvement over the previous weekend. Isabelle Tingelstad and Eliza Irish also performed quite well, taking 5th and 6th with their times of 22:31 and 22:41 respectively.

Wallowa County Cross Country’s next meet is on Saturday, Sept. 26, at the Bob Firman Invitational in Eagle Island State Park, in Idaho. The first races start at 9:40 a.m.

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