By Rich Rautenstrauch

Wallowa County Chieftain

The Enterprise Joseph Cubs softball team lost one and won one last weekend, playing at home. Both the Imbler/Elgin Ravens and the Grant Union Prospectors traveled to Enterprise Friday, April 26, and played the Cubs at Jensen Field Friday afternoon.

In the first game against the Ravens the Cubs were edged by one run, with a final score of 4-5, and then went on to beat Grant Union handily, 7-2.

Enterprise vs. Elgin

This cross county rivalry game was a thriller from start to finish with the Cubs scoring one run in the first inning. Elgin came back in the third and went ahead scoring 2. The Huskies scored 2 more in the fourth, going ahead 4-1.

The Cubs tied it up with a rally of three runs in the fourth inning.

Going into the seventh and final inning, the game was still tied at 4-4. In the top of the seventh Elgin went ahead when one run came home.

The Cubs still had a chance with the last at bat, but came up empty, grounding out three times to end the game 4-5.

Sidney Cooney, Holly Taylor and Noel Taylor all hit singles, and Hailee McClure hit a double. Amy Edison, Callyn Stewart, and Kylie Willis all had quality at-bats.

Cubs Coach Travis Huffman said, “Sidney did a good job pitching, Elgin just had some timely hits. We could end up tied with them for second place in the end and will face them again.”

Enterprise vs. Grant Union

The Prospectors scored first in this game with one run in the top of the first inning. The Cubs eased their own tension in the bottom of the inning, bring home two and going ahead.

The Cubs tallied 4 runs in the second and 3 more runs in the fourth inning, building a comfortable lead.

The Prospectors scored 2 runs in the sixth but that was all they could muster, and the Cubs won by 6 runs.

Sidney Cooney pitched the whole second game and was credited with the win, She also hit a triple while at bat.

Stephanie Simpson, Amy Edison, Holly and Noel Taylor, and McKenzie Grey all got on base with singles. Callyn Stewart hit a single and a double.

“Were improving overall and our defense is getting better, with outside activities still happening we need more practice time,” Huffman said,

The season continues this Friday, May 3, with the league-leading Union Bobcats coming to town. The possible double-header starts at noon at Jensen Field.

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