Dust settles after successful Chief Joseph Days

Stinger, a Growney Bros. bull with a bad rep as a nasty piece of work, proceeds to launch Marcus Michaelis. Luckily, this year's rodeo had no serious injuries among the cowboys and cowgirls. Photo by Michael Lane

CDJ sees four days of the best bronc busting, roping, bulldogging, bull riding and more, with cowboys competing for over $80,000 in final prize money.

With a final tally of 343 contestants, Chief Joseph Days entertained and enthralled hundreds more over its four-day run, and final results were dominated by cowboys and cowgirls from Oregon and Washington.

Riders, racers and ropers weren't the only ones to give their best at CJD - the Growney Bros. Rodeo Company, based in Red Bluff, Calif., excelled itself, bringing some very tough bucking horses and bulls that threw a lot of cowboys right out of the competition for their slice of this year's $89,136.20 purse.

Kyle Lockett of Ivanhoe, Calif. won the coveted All Around award. He finished first in the first go-round of team roping and third in the first round of tie-down roping, earning a cool $1,000.95 and $400.93, respectively. Locket will take home a fine pair of silver spurs - monogrammed with All Around 2004 - handcrafted by silversmith Larry Bacon of Troy, and a Navaho rug worth $1,125 from Lambs Trading Company. Lockett is a big name in the PRCA, with 2003 earnings of $83,691 and career earnings of $588,641. He finished 2003 ranked 11th in the world for a heeler in team roping, and is a previous team-roping winner at Chief Joseph Days, having taken the title in 1999 with Jason Stewart, and in 2000 with Wade Wheatly. His 1999 time of 5.1 seconds stands as a rodeo record. He's also the owner of the 2000 AQHA team roping heeling horse of the year, Nifty Jack's Back.

Kayle Gray, of Goldendale, Wash., took home the $1,500 prize and the Harley Tucker Award this year. Gray finished fourth in the saddle bronc competition, and was the competitor with the highest point total from four rodeos: the Elgin Stampede, the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show in Union, the St. Paul Rodeo and Chief Joseph Days.

The Wildest Ride Award, sponsored by the family of famed cowboy sculptor J. Shirley Bothum, went to La Grande's Chancey Hamilton, who stepped up off the waiting list when famed Australian bronc buster Scott Johnston injured his collarbone when he was dumped in the saddle bronc competition. Hamilton took home $300, a Steve Parks bronze sculpture modeled after Bothum and a nice new belt buckle. "He was pretty happy with the belt buckle," Darlene Turner, publicity chairperson for CJD, said. "His was pretty beat up."

No one was seriously hurt during the rodeo, thanks in part to the nonstop efforts of pickup men Jeff Shearer and Sonny Hansen in the bronc and bareback events, and bullfighters Joe Baumgartner and Ryan Heiser, whose quick wits and bravery kept the bulls occupied and let the riders get clear. Keith Isley, a fine trick rider and this year's specialty act, also helped out, putting his years of bullfighting experience to work in the barrel during the bull riding.

Wild cow milking saw some of the best comedy, and worst roping, of the rodeo. These were indeed elusive, rope-proof cows, with only two being caught and milked Saturday, and none on Sunday. Of the 13 cowboys who tried to get a little moo-juice, only Jason Cunningham and Cody Barremore managed to get a drop in the bucket. Cunningham took the title of top wild cow milker with 103.2 points, and Barremore took second with 40.6. Cunningham won a belt buckle provided by Jones Excavating. The Eddie Nobles memorial Hard Luck cowmilker award went to Ted Freels.

As always, Turner Excavating presented a $100 prize to the fastest barrel racer. This year the cash went to Brittany Pozzi, whose 17.06 time was almost fast enough to cash in on the $1,100 fund for breaking the 16.99 second rodeo record, set in 1986. Instead, another $100 was added and the fund will be waiting for a record-breaking run.

In mutton busting, only two riders managed to go the whole distance on their ride - the sheep were especially feisty this year. First place went to Will McCadden with 84 points. Second was Derek Kolbaba (78), and Kimmy McQuown was third (no score, but the finest short ride). First-place winner McCadden took home a $100 savings bond, second was awarded $75 savings bond and third a $50 bond. McCadden took home a 2004 mutton-buster champion medal to remember his ride. All the competitors received t-shirts and a shiny gold Sacajawea dollar. Ten busters competed.

Rank Contestant Score Prize Money


1 Ryan Gray, Cheney, Wash. 80 $1,970.07

2 Scott Johnson, Gustin, Texas 79 $1,510.38

3 Paul Jones, Elko, Nev. 77 $1,116.37

4 Sean Culver, Grandview, Wash76 $722.35

5 Zach Dishman, Beaumont, Texas75 $394.01

Ben Londo, San Luis Obispo,

Calif. 75 $394.01

7 Ross Coleman, Redmond,

Ore. 74 $262.67

8 Tyler Barnes, Prineville, Ore. 73 $197.00

TEAM ROPING - 2 Scores

1 Jared Cox, Warden, Wash. 13.6 $1,000.95

Trevor McCoin, Condon, Ore. $1,000.95

2 Josh Bruce, Jordan Valley, Ore.15.2 $828.37

Patrick Woodcock, St. Anthony, Idaho $828.37

3 Pat Boyle, Simi Valley, Calif. 19.0 $655.80

Dennis Watkins, Bakersfield, Calif. $655.80

4 Justin Lovell, Canby, Ore. 20.9 $483.22

Richard Durham, Overton, Texas $483.22

5 Bert McGill, Clovis, Calif. 23.0 $310.64

Joseph Shawnego, Oakdale, Calif. $310.64

6 Bobby Davis, Adrian, Ore. 27.8 $172.57

Greg Kite, Ontario, Ore. $172.57


1 Ira Slagowski, Plain City, Utah 80 $2,214.51

2 Gary Alger, Pendleton, Ore. 79 $1,697.79

3 Cody Wright, Milford, Utah 77 $1,254.88

4 Danny Alires, Moxee, Wash. 76 $664.34

Kayle Gray, Goldendale, Wash. 76 $664.34

6 Max Filippini, Battle Mountain, Nevada 75 $295.26

Corey Gray, Cheney, Wash. 75 $295.26

Cody Demers, Twin falls, Idaho 75 $295.26

CALF ROPING - 2 Scores

1 Shane Erickson, Terrebonne, Ore. 19.9 $1,176.77

2 Brad Goodrich, Hermiston, Ore. 26.6 $973.87

3 Seth Hopper, Stanfield, Ore. 27.4 $770.98

4 Steve Currin, Dayton, Wash. 30.0 $466.64

Joe Hoffman, Hermiston, Ore. 30.0 $466.64

6 Tom White, no city given 32.6 $202.89


1 KC Jones, Las Animas, Colo. 10.1 $1,476.82

2 Curtis Cassidy, Donalda, Alberta 10.6 $1,222.20

3 Tony Currin, Dayton, Wash. 11.4 $967.57

4 Trevor Knowles, Mount Vernon, Ore. 12.0 $712.95

5 Buster Barton, Walla Walla, Wash. 12.1 $458.32

6 Blake Knowles, Heppner, Ore. 12.2 $254.62


1 Jack Purchase, Pendleton, Ore. 35.3 $801.86

2 Fred Brown, Colbert, Wash. 40.2 $601.39

3 Ken Macrae, Ellensberg, Wash. 42.3 $400.93

4 Dave Clark, Terrebonne, Ore. 12.4 $200.46


1 Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, Texas 17.06 $1,675.29

2 Jessica McMahon, Elmira, Ore. 17.36 $1,435.96

3 Pamela Capper, Cheney, Wash. 17.42 $1,196.64

4 Kristie Hurn, Underwood, Wash. 17.44 $1,037.08

5 Cindy Woods, Newberg, Ore. 17.49 $797.76

6 Debbie Stahl, Pendleton, Ore. 17.50 $558.42

Kelli Currin, Dayton, Wash. 17.50 $558.42

8 Jodi Hoctor, Granger, Wash. 17.56 $279.21

Katie Jo McFarlane, Jordan Valley, Ore.17.56$279.21

10 Katie Davis, Adrian, Ore. 17.61 $159.55


1 Ryan Howard, Boulder City, Nev. 84 $2,662.65

2 Brett Crump, Lone Pine, Mont. 81 $1,775.09

Monty Schaack, Red Bluff, Calif. 81 $1,775.09

4 Ryan Hochstrat, Quail Valley, Calif. 79 $976.30

5 Dustin Larsen, Manila, Utah 76 $621.28

6 Cody Ruiz, Fruitland, Idaho 75 $399.39

Jerry Shepherd, Levan, Utah 75 $399.39

8 Brian Sanders, Elgin, Ore. 73 $266.26


Kayle Gray, Goldendale, Wash.


Kyle Lockett, Ivanhoe, Calif.


Chancey Hamilton, La Grande, Ore.

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