The third-ranked Lady Eagles opened the season like a powder keg, blowing two opponents off the court at home on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Both Prairie City and Crane fell victim to their talons.

The Friday game resulted in an easy 43-28 victory over Prairie City. Coach Lance Homan called the game a great way to start the season, especially since the squad was down a starter. He needn’t have worried, as the ladies played with grit and determination.

Haley Miller scored 24 points and snatched 18 rebounds while Madelyn Nelson helped offensively with 11 points and defensively with seven steals. Ella Coughlan shot well from the floor with eight points. Emma Hite played her first game at point guard and led the team with nine assists and controlled the tempo of the game and got the squad keyed into their offense.

“Our girls really worked well together, and it was fun to watch,” Homan said.

The following day saw the Mustangs threw a shoe as they also fell victim to the Eagles to the tune of 44-28. Homan said the game was a big early season matchup.  

Several coaches around the state had picked Crane to be state champions by the end of the season. The Eagles were aware of Crane’s power from the previous year. 

Despite the score, Homan called the game a battle as the Mustangs were much bigger. On the other hand, Crane couldn’t hold up to the Eagle half-court defense.

“Crane is a very good team,” Homan said. “They are well coached, and they are only going to get better.”  

Sophomore wunderkind Sabrina Albee bucketed 15 points and nine rebounds while she broke the eighth commandment three times. Miller stepped up with 10 points and seven rebounds. Hite stepped into the ring again and dished out eight assists along with five steals.  

Twin performers Camille Crenshaw and Madelyn Nelson sank eight points each while they hauled in five rebounds each to help the cause.

“This was a good early season win and a win that helpfully will give us some confidence,” Homan said.

The Eagles next play Dec. 6 at Umatilla.


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