The Outlaws brought the big guns to their battle with Union Oct. 13. When the field of battle cleared, the Outlaws 11-man squad walked away from the carnage with a 27-0 victory.

“It was a good win for the boys,” coach Rusty Eschler said. “They’re pretty excited.”

In a game that the coach called cold and miserable, he said the team played remarkable ball with stellar efforts on both sides of the line, particularly defense.

“Coach Magera did a great job getting those guys ready,” Eschler said.

The coach noted that the team had to make a number adjustments from playing eight or nine-man football to 11-man.

“Some of the kids who played in certain positions got moved around, and we had new kids on the field,” Eschler said. “Some of our freshman had to play and stepped up and did very well.”

Eschler said that the entire defense was to be congratulated for its efforts.

“They only threatened us one time, and that was their opening drive, and after that, we pretty much shut them down,” Eschler said.

On offense, Garrett Thorne led the charge with 161 yards rushing and a TD. Jake Coggins had 73 yards rushing and a touchdown. Senior Cole Farwell had 40 yards on the ground and a touchdown. Dylan Marr had 76 yards receiving while Trace Evans hauled 22 yards from the sky. Justus Evan had a touchdown on a 75-yard kickoff return.

The win left the Outlaws with a 1-0 league record and 2-2 on the year.

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