Enterprise clips the Eagles' wings

Kallie Hadden slams another kill on Tuesday night. Hadden was a leader for the Savage offense. Photo by Michael Lane

Despite a good defensive effort, the Eagles fell in three straight to a more aggressive Savage squad in non-league play.

In game one, Joseph opened with the first point but, led by solid service by EHS senior Chelcee Noland, the Savages quickly moved ahead 7-3 and never really looked back. Eagles senior Julie Butterfield, a lynchpin of the team's offense, just wasn't having a very aggressive night, and it showed.

Still, in game one, as it went all night long, both the Eagles and Savages put up some great volleys, but if Joseph was waiting for offensive mistakes from Enterprise they were disappointed. Game one closed for Enterprise 25-22.

In game two the attack skills of enterprise were a little tough for the Joseph defense to handle, especially with EHS senior Kallie Hadden continuing to have a great night for attacks. Joseph, feeling the lack of a hard-hitting offense, lost game two 25-13.

Game three saw a fairly tough, seesaw game up to a score of 16-16, at which point Enterprise buckled down, led by solid serving from senior Jessie Morgan and Noland, to put the Eagles away 26-24 despite some impressive digs and sets by Joseph.

For EHS Noland, Morgan, Kayla Stoffel and Hadden were big assets. Noland finished the evening with no hitting errors and a solid 16 for 18 in serves. Hadden led the side with eight kills and four blocks that resulted in points.

"Joseph looked good," said EHS coach Tammy Crawford. "They stepped up and played hard ... Kallie was having an excellent night, though." Hadden agreed, saying that it had been a great match.

"Overall there were some good digs, but we weren't hitting like we usually do," Eagles coach Kendall Hayes said after the match. Butterfield, who fans will know for leading the Eagles in kills, only had two on the evening. Other Joseph attackers like junior Holly Parker and senior Cassy Parker also had a low rewards at the net, with three and four kills respectively.

Holly Parker led the side in digs with 11, sophomore Kerri Gleasman and Butterfield had five each.

In the end, it's a friendly match, and a good chance for all the players to get more floor time.

"They are friends off the court," agreed Hayes. "But this game is always a really competitive one. It is a rivalry."

The Eagles B squad did a number on the Savages, though, taking advantage of a tired-looking Enterprise side and finishing them off quickly 25-14 and 25-16. Enterprise JV coach Kathy Schaefer said her team just didn't show up for the match.

"We got shellacked," she admitted.

Part of that may have been fatigue. The B squad played like champs and were undefeated on Saturday at Moro until the championship round, she said.

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