Enterprise man one shy of sheep hunting grand slam

Frank Green, right, spent $86,000 to purchase a tag to harvest this Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Pictured with him is guide Jon Barker of Lenore, Idaho. Submitted photo

Frank Green of Enterprise will go to great lengths to hunt bighorn sheep. In mid-January he invested $86,000 to purchase a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep tag for Oregon when the Foundation for North American Sheep held its annual auction in Reno, Nev. He was the first resident of northeastern Oregon to buy a Rocky Mountain bighorn tag at auction since the auction was inaugurated in 1986.

On Aug. 15 he shot a ram with a base horn diameter of 16 and 7/8 inches, one of the 10 largest Rocky Mountain bighorn measurements ever recorded in Oregon, and contends that "absolutely, it was well worth it."

At age 70, Green has now shot Dall sheep, Nevada desert bighorn and Rocky Mountain bighorn, and only has yet to harvest a stone sheep to fulfill a lifelong goal of a sheep grand slam. Stone sheep can be found in British Columbia and the Yukon. Green hunted stone sheep 10 years ago, but failed to fill his tag.

Green, friends Donovan Shaw, Roger Hull and three guides spent 25 to 30 days scouting bighorns before the season opened Aug. 14. They concentrated their hunt around Lookout Mountain near the Huntington/Durkee area, and made the kill one mile above the Snake River. Green fired one shot from his 7 mm magnum to fell the trophy.

Asked from how far out the shot was made, Green responded, "It measured out to be 187 yards, but in another month it will be up to 400 yards."

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