Enterprise, Wallowa runners advance to state cross-country championships

Klamath Walker of Union (left) takes an early lead in the boys district cross-country championship race Friday at McKay Park in Pendleton. In hot pursuit are Michael Swart of Enterprise, the eventual winner, followed by second place finisher Nick Johnson of Wallowa, and Kyle Clough of Joseph. Photo by Rick Swart

Enterprise runners dominated the District 2A/1A-7 cross country meet in Pendleton Friday, securing two team slots in the state championships Saturday in Eugene.

The Enterprise boys, led by junior Michael Swart's individual victory, took top team honors, followed by the Wallowa boys, who won the second place team trophy and a berth in the state championships.

The Enterprise girls, led by sophomore Krista Stangel, upset the Wallowa girls to claim second place in the team standings .Heavily favored Union took first place in the girls' bracket as expected. However, Wallowa standout Hayley Oveson continued to be unbeatable, turning in the top individual performance as she has all year. Oveson will join the Wallowa boys on the trip to state, where she won a second place medal last year and hopes to do at least that well this year..

If there was a surprise performance at district it came from the Enterprise girls, who had been running behind Wallowa all year.

"I knew they could do it," Enterprise Coach Dan Moody said of his girls. "They really stepped up. I just couldn't ask them for any better performance."

Times were considerably faster at the district meet than they were on the same course at the "pre-district" meet a week earlier. The top five Enterprise girls - Stangel, Julie Vernarsky, Linnea Kibler and Nicole Anderson - reduced their times by an average of a minute and 45 seconds over the 5,000 meter course. The greatest improvement came from Anderson, who finished the race two minutes and 20 seconds faster than she did the previous week.

"I told them they would probably be 30 seconds faster," Moody said of the improved times. "They went way beyond that."

In the boys competition, Swart knocked 38 seconds off his time from the previous week to overtake Wallowa's Nick Johnson as the top individual in the district. Swart found himself chasing Union's Klamath Walker for the first miles of the course, then gradually took command of a comfortable lead at the two-mile mark and held onto it until the end. Andy Vernarksy, Enterprise's number two runner, knocked 29 seconds off his time and nearly caught Johnson by the time the two runners reached the finish line.

The Wallowa boys finished in a tie with Union, who was announced as the second place winner during the awards ceremony following the race. The initial tally was erroneously skewed in favor of the Bobcats by scorekeepers who credited Union with a Umatilla runner. Team scores are based on how the top five runners on each team place. In the event of a tie, scorers go to the sixth man on each team. Whoever has the fastest sixth man at that point wins the tie. In Wallowa's case, Caleb Pringle finished 24th, ahead of Union's Michael McRae in 43rd, to break the tie in Wallowa's favor.

"We felt sorry for Union because we knew how it felt to miss going to state," Pringle later said.

This week Wallowa County runners are focused on trying to further improve their times at the state meet.

This is the 10th year in a row that Moody has taken a boys team to the state meet, which his teams won in 1995 and 1996. This is only the third time in all of those years that his boys have won the district championship. The Enterprise coach believes his boys have a shot at a title this year, although they expect stiff competition from Oakridge, Wahtonka, and Regis.

"If they step up again like they did last week we'll be in the thick of things," he said.

The girls meet begins at noon on Saturday, followed by the boys at 2:30 p.m.


October 24, 2003

McKay Park Pendleton


Team scores - 1) Union 32, 2) Enterprise 46, 3) Wallowa 74, 4) Weston-McEwen 97, 5) Umatilla 102, 6) Stanfield 127.

Individual results - 1) Hayley Oveson, W, 18:48:35; 2) Krista Stangel, E, 19:06:51; 3) Ashley Sharratt, U, 19:50:58; 4) Shannon Mitchell, U, 19:58:21; 5) Kelsey Davis, El., 21:03:62; 6) Shauna Nelson, U, 21:19:43; 7) Kara Baxter, U, 21:20:32; 8) Julie Vernarsky, E, 21:22:20; 9) Linnea Kibler, E, 21:45:14; 10) Elizabeth Lougee, Um., 22:01:87; 11) Karissa Griggs, W-M, 22:20:24; 12) Nicole Anderson, E, 22:24:08; 13) Rosa Bautista, S, 22:36:84; 14) Samantha Silveira, W, 22:40:07; 15) Krystal Papineau, U, 22:46:38; 16) Elizabeth Penaloza, W-M, 22:51:66; 17) Victoria Silveira, W, 22:56:92; 18) Katherine Hensel, W-M, 22:58:03; 19) Jera Wollenburg, E, 22:58:70; 20) Devon Roxbury, Um., 23:00:83; 21) Caitlin Turner, W, 23:07:97; 22) Thalia Russell, S, 23:20:84; 23) Vianey Angel, S, 23:22:11; 24) Miranda Lindquist, Um., 23:24:98; 25) Deena Tsiatsos, W, 23:26:38; 26) Audrey Dahlin, Um., 23:34:31; 27) Kayla Ames, Um., 23:38:12; 28) Katie Todd, W-M, 23:58:94; 29) Carrie Davis, W-M, 24:11:49; 30) Samantha Minor, W-M, 24:24:19; 31) Erica Howerton, J, 24:48:57; 32) Brianna Bieren, Um., 24:53:35; 33) Whitney Locke, E, 25:22:79; 34) Janelle Brown, Um., 25:29:77; 35) Larne Sheehy, U, 26:00:23; 36) Sharon Wise, W-M, 26:31:44; 37) Becky Vermillion, S, 27:17:83; 38) Sabine Franke, U, 27:20:92; 39) Crystal Weathermon, S, 27:28:37; 40) April Walker, Um., 28:15:31; 41) Rebeca Colton, U, 28:25:43; 42) Cecilia Hess, U, 28:32:75; 43) Brita Blackburn, S, 29:37:09; 44) Christina Cunningham, E, 35:28:86.


Team scores - 1) Enterprise 42, 2) Wallowa 75, 3) Union 75, 4) Umatilla 83, 5) Stanfield 114, 6) Joseph 145.

Individual results - 1) Michael Swart, E, 17:05:89; 2) Nick Johnson, W, 17:17:22; 3) Andy Vernarsky, E, 17:19:78; 4) Billy Garrison, U, 17:21:97; 5) Klamath Walker, U, 17:30:22; 6) Bren Sheehy, U, 17:38:96; 7) Tyler Harris, 17:50:46; 8) Eli McGuffey, W-M, 17:59:28; 9) Chris Lozier, E, 18:02:29; 10) Brandon Casper, W, 18:06:81; 11) Kyle Clough, J, 18:14:39; 12) Nathan Slinker, E, 18:17:18; 13) Chad Blackburn, S, 18:28:50; 14) Paul Madsen, Um., 18:31:80; 15) Terry Wyckoff, S, 18:31:98; 16) Jerry Stice, Um., 18:33:03; 17) Andrew Gorbett, E, 18:36:46; 18) Tanner Beglau, W, 18:38:48; 19) Josh Rhodes, E, 18:52:65; 20) Brian Hess, U, 18:59:03; 21) Leonard Rousten, Um., 19:04:61; 22) Chris Tsiatsos, W, 19:06:09; 23) Samuel Brainard, W, 19:21:96; 24) Caleb Pringle, W, 19:24:21; 25) Uriel Aparicio, Um., 19:30:34; 26) Kyle Sobotta, S, 19:41:56; 27) Kevin Ryan, J, 19:52:71; 28) Denton McCord, S, 20:10:70; 29) Derrek Layton, J, 20:19:18; 30) Lee Phelps, W, 20:20:27; 31) Derek Huff, E, 20:21:18; 32) Marcus Mills, S, 20:27:57; 33) Jacob Ellis, W-M, 20:27:84; 34) Doug Watson, W-M, 20:32:76; 35) Antonio Armenta, Um., 20:40:83; 36) Josh Aldrich, W-M, 20:47:55; 37) Malte Sievers, J, 20:57:00; 38) Ross Pack, Um., 21:10:40; 39) Calvin Hodage, Um., 21:28:33; 40) Thomas Rogers, 21:43:76; 41) Mike Gibson, El., 21:58:90; 42) Marc Valdez, U, 22:10:43; 43) Riley Wortman, W, 22:14:48; 44) Julian Moro, J, 22:21:00; 45) timothy Wyland, Um., 22:56:89; 46) Dan Eagan, W, 23:05:97; 47) Cutter Duran, S, 23:50:42; 48) John torre, Um., 24:02:80; 49) Cory Wilson, Um., 25:08:03; 50) Michael McRae, U, 26:00:45.

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