Hayes brothers and car ready for the races

<p>Jerry Hayes (center) of Enterprise along with his brother James (far right) are joining the stock car racing circuit this spring fullfilling a dream. Brian Greenlaw, Jerry's neightbor will be the mechanic for the car.</p>

Jerry Hayes of Enterprise and his brother James of Elgin will be fulfilling a dream this coming spring and summer, when they team up and race their own stock car on the Northwest Pro 4 Alliance circuit.

Starting from scratch, the two brothers found a mechanic in Jerry’s neighbor, Brian Greenlaw, and they are now almost ready to go racing.

Last fall the duo traveled to Yakima, to watch a race and were in contact with Alliance director Bob Coply from Meridian, Idaho. Coply introduced the Hayes brothers around and “from there the whole thing snowballed into what it is today. Bob helped us find a car and things are going smoothly,” said Jerry.

Jerry is the driver and the stock car is a Ford Fusion with a 2300 cc, four-cylinder motor, but don’t let the size fool you. “We’ll be racing on some of these tracks close to 150 miles an hour,” said Hayes.

Last weekend the trio traveled to Meridian to have the car inspected and to put it through tryouts. “We had some mechanical changes to work on, spring and shock absorber adjustments, and to work on communications.”

“James will be the spotter for the actual races so we also had to learn how to talk to each other on headsets,” Jerry said.

The Northwest Pro 4 Alliance circuit features seven races over the year, starting with the Hayes boys’ first race at the quarter mile Wenatchee Super Oval April 27. This short track has banking allowing for a faster race.

Racing continues through the summer on other asphalt tracks like the Spokane County Raceway, the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Wash., and the Magic Valley Speedway in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Race lengths vary and all of the races are on short tracks from a quarter of a mile to five eighths of a mile. “They’re stepping stones for those who want to race professionally,” Jerry Hayes said.

“We could be racing up to 30 or 40 drivers at a time,” Hayes added. “Most of the cars are privately owned, but some are sponsored. Right now we are talking to interested parties about sponsorship and are looking for more.”

Jerry and James are not only brothers but “best friends” also. The races are all on Saturdays so weekend trips starting on Fridays will be part of the summer agenda.

“We thought this would be a perfect way for us to hang out as much as we can and to have a little bit of fun. Brian our mechanic fits in well,” Hayes said.

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