Hayes Brothers racing team ended the season strong, finishing 11th in a field of 18 cars at their last race of the season in Ephrata, Wash., on Sept. 19.

“We could have been 10th, but we haven’t gotten the engine quite right, and we hadn’t been at that track, so we weren’t sure about how to set up for it,” Jerry Hayes said. Hayes was referring to the their car’s new engine.

The Hayes team decorated their car in pink as the theme of the race was breast cancer awareness. “We had the best-looking car there for sure,” Hayes said. Because the Hayes car looked so pristine, it and another car were chosen to drive memorial laps before the race as a woman spoke about breast cancer awareness to the crowd.

Hayes Brothers racing team finished the season in the top 10 during the 2015 Northwest Pro4 Alliance circuit. The team came in 10th out of a field of 33 cars. “We were pretty happy about that because we had a DNF (did not finish) in Monroe (Wash.) when the engine blew up on us, and we missed the Hermiston race because of that. We didn’t get points for two races and we still finished high,” Hayes said.

The Hayes brothers plan to race next year. “Now the fun part of looking for sponsors starts. We already have a fuel sponsor,” Hayes said. He added that sponsors of the car get a good deal because the Hayes team takes their car to show events outside of races, which gives sponsors more exposure for their money.

During the off-season, the Hayes team will take the car apart and put it back together piece by piece. “We try to do a little more each year to make the car a little faster. We’ll be looking good next year,” Hayes said.

Other members of the team are James Hayes and Brian Finch.

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