Statistics are a fairly meaningless science when applied to a single season compressed into nine games, but for those interested, here's the next 1A football matchup.

On paper, Wallowa leads in winning percentage, scoring and on defense.

Wallowa Cougars (9-0)

9/10/04 at Echo Cougars 54-18 W

9/17/04 at Dufur Rangers 68-12 W

9/24/04 Pine Eagle Spartans58-16 W

10/8/04 at Joseph Eagles 20-16 W

10/15/04 at Powder Valley 76-40 W

10/22/04 Adrian Antelopes 58-14 W

10/29/04 Imbler Panthers 74-24 W

11/5/04 at Cove Leopards 50-38 W

11/13/04 Jewell Blue Jays 70-26 W

Average results

Total points scored: 528

Per game average: 58.66

Total points allowed: 204

Per game average: 22.66

Per game offensive margin: +36 points

Wins (road): 100 percent

Wins (home): 100 percent

McKenzie Eagles (6-3)

9/4/04 South Wasco County 24-36 L

9/10/04 at Condon 58-6 W

9/24/04 Triangle Lake 46-42 W

10/1/04 Alsea Wolverines 91-32 W

10/7/04 at Lowell Devils 14-30 L

10/15/04 at Crow Cougars 28-26 W

10/29/04 at Mapleton Sailors 36-22 W

11/5/04 Mohawk Indians 34-62 L

11/12/04 at Prairie City 30-22 W

Average results

Total points scored: 361

Per game average: 40.11

Total points allowed: 278

Per game average: 30.88

Per game offensive margin: +9.23 points

Wins (road): 80 percent

Wins (home): 50 percent

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