Jamboree to close fall season

<I>Hector del Castillo/Chieftain</I><BR>The event will play 19 local teams.

Wallowa Valley's soccer season will finish with an action-packed day for all players.

The Season Final Jamboree, starting at 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 17 behind the Safeway in Enterprise, will feature all 19 teams in the three age divisions. Every squad - including one imported from La Grande for U14 competition - will play two games. The format calls for quick games in the more crowded divisions.

Expect parking to be a challenge. The Wallowa County Fairgrounds and side streets will have open spots. Teams should gather at least 30 minutes before kickoff to warm up.

Action begins on Field 2, where boys and girls between 8- and 10-years-old will play throughout the day. Their games will consist of 15-minute halves around a five-minute break. Michele Chapin will coach Enterprise 1 (Ent1 in the schedule), while Neal Isley has Ent2, Brent Wydroski Ent3. Joseph teams include James Johnson's Jos1, Jeffrey Wecks' Jos2 and Dick Clover's Jos3. Wallowa will bring Amy Wellen's Wal1, Cindie Diggins' Wal2 and Jenny Kesecker's Wal3.

Short after the U11 team of Chapin and Clover kickoff the day, U8 teams will start their games on Field 1. They will play 10-minute halves with a 5-minute break. Randy Movich will coach Ent1, Lisa Farwell brings Ent2 and Kristin Ruckdashel Ent3. Wallowa's three teams will be coached by Amy Ramsden (Wal1), Andy Plew (Wal2) and Jenny Kesecker (Wal3). Joseph will enter a pair of teams: Peg Nave's Jos1 and Sam Strobel's Jos2.

Meanwhile, Field 3 will feature three U14 squads in longer games, with 25-minute halves and a 10-minutes break, and a round-robin format. Vincent Jansen and Mark Porter will coach Ent, while Amy Wellens directs the Lostine/Wallowa mix. They will start at 10 a.m. with a battle for Wallowa County bragging rights, before taking turns to play against La Grande.

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