The Dayville/Monument football team ran into a freight train called Joseph when it encountered the school’s young but energetic gridiron squad at a Sept. 19 duel in Baker. The Eagles ran up a 36-6 first quarter lead before prevailing 56-14.

“Our goals for the game were to get our offensive guys off the ball quicker, and know their blocks, and we did a little better at that,” Joseph Coach Toby Koehn said.

Junior running back Cayden DeLury had more than 200 yards rushing and scored four touchdowns by the end of the first quarter. Koehn relieved DeLury of his running back duties after the first quarter, and most of the offensive first-string at the end of the half to give younger players a good dose of game experience.

The Joseph defense concentrated on its formations and learning to read the offense. “On defense, we fell down a bit on pass coverage in the first half, but we went into zone coverage in the second half and that took care of it. They didn’t get many yards on us,” Koehn said. Sophomore Rylie Warnock snatched one of the team’s three interceptions and ran it back for a touchdown. DeLury and senior Raymond Seal led the team in tackles, followed by junior Ben Lopez and senior Sam Beckman.

Joseph’s young players took their knocks but played well. Koehn cited 85-pounder Steve Beckman as hanging tough through the game and complimented the defensive play of freshmen Trey Wandschneider and Tyler Homan as well.

Koehn was pleased with the team’s overall performance and said it should bolster the team’s confidence for upcoming battles against league contenders. “We needed to get a good win and be dominant before coming into this week with North Powder, and later with Pine Eagle. We know they’re going to be tough, and they’re games we have to win. It’s going to be a battle,” Koehn said.

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