The Wallowa County Wapiti League volleyball teams from Enterprise and Joseph did not fare too well this year when the Wapiti League all stars were named late last week. Enterprise received one second team selection and one honorable mention selection while Joseph had one player named as an honorable mention all star by the Wapiti League coaches.

Enterprise's Aki Kawasaki was named to the second team and teammate Jessie Morgan was named as honorable mention. Kawasaki is a senior and Morgan a sophomore. Sophomore Denae Micka received honorable mention for Joseph.

Jana Brotherton of Union was named as Player of the Year in the league while her coach Patty Herron earned Coach of the Year status.

The Wapiti League volleyball All Stars for 2002 are:

FIRST TEAM: Jana Brotherton, Union; Melissa Helmer, Union; Abby Workman, Grant Union; Ashley Workman, Grant Union; Lizzie Woody, Imbler; Tiffany Rasmussen, Imbler; Kallin Prince, Union; Amanda Courschesne, Grant Union.

SECOND TEAM: Amy Clerget, Imbler, Stephanie Petersen, Pine-Eagle; Leanne Foster, Imbler; Colbi Robertson, Union; Kayleen Mitchell, Nyssa; Aki Kawasaki, Enterprise; Story Miller, Pine-Eagle; Whitney Simmons, Grant Union.

HONORABLE MENTION: Denae Micka, Joseph; Jennifer Sasser, Union; Cathy Carnahan, Pine-Eagle; Jessie Morgan, Enterprise; Kim McCrae, Elgin.

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