The Outlaws girls emerged triumphant from their second state battle, this time, over Portland Christian in Portland, 45-34. The game took place on Saturday, Feb. 23.

Coach Mike Crawfrod said the game started out slow for the Outlaws.

“It took us awhile to get comfortable,” he said. “It was in an away gym in a part of Portland different from what the girls knew. It was a packed gym, but it was pretty fun from the get-go. “Crawford said that it took some time for the ladies to score, and the Outlaws scored only nine in the first quarter, but it was good enough for the lead, which the Outlaws never relinquished.

Portland Christian did make a ten-point unanswered run in the third quarter to tie the game, though. Crawford called a time out to rally the troops, which proved effective as the Outlaws scored nine unanswered points thereafter to seal the win.

Crawford said the team didn’t get back to the hotel room until after 10 p.m. They left for Wallowa County at 8 a.m. the following morning.

“It was an action-packed few days, actually,” Crawford said.

Carsyn Miller led the team’s scoring machine with team with 11 points while Shelby Moncrief and Karli Bedard poked 10 each through the hoop and Ashlyn Gray donated seven.

“That (scoring) balance is what I talk about every single week, and that’s what we’ll continue to do,” Crawford said.

The Outlaws are now in the final eight for the championship. EHS will face Vernonia at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28 in Pendleton.

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