The links of Alpine Meadows were home to the 44th annual Enterprise Elks Invitational Golf Tournament over the weekend, with more than 120 players competing Friday through Sunday

Players came from a half-dozen states, said tournament representative Randy Anderson - one couple came all the way from Kansas.

This year's overall winner, Lance Homan of Enterprise, shot a low 138 over the two-day event to finish an enviable six under par.

The 36-hole, par-72 event sees a returning core of competitors every year, Anderson said, adding a few new ones each year, but the vast majority made their second, 10th or even 20th trip to the tournament.

"One guy played in 43 out of 44 of them (the tournaments)," he said.

The event is expensive to run, he added, and the majority of the $105 entry fee goes to pay for the two rounds - three rounds if players decide to play a practice game - event t-shirts and meals. "Most goes into dinners and prizes, and any left over goes in the general charitable fund." Over the years, Anderson said, the tournament has certainly raised some funds for the Elks, but it is generally a self-supporting event rather than a major charitable drive.

This year's weather cooperated, which pleased Anderson. "We never have been rained out ... (though) we've had boiling hot to thunderstorms," he mused, agreeing that, in wallowa County, that was easy enough to do in a single day.

44th annual Enterprise Elks

Invitational Golf Tournament at Alpine Meadows

July 8-10, 36 holes, par 72First Flight:

1st low gross - Lance Homan, Enterprise 138

2nd low gross - Gregg Corn, Walla Walla, Wash. 144

3rd low gross - Fred Bell, Jr., La Grande, 146

4th low gross -Travis Graybeal, Pendleton 147

1st low net - Greg Grant, Heppner 129

2nd low net - Gary Marr, Enterprise 133

3rd low net - Mike Rahn, Enterprise 138

tie - Gary Graybeal, Pendleton 138

Longest drives: Lance Homan; Chad Stangel, Enterprise; Travis Graybeal.

Closest to pin: Paul Karvoski, Enterprise; Gary Marr; Jack Cochran, Pasco, Wash.; Matt Hays, Stanley, Kan.

Second Flight:

1st low gross - Terry Lamb, Enterprise 155

2nd low gross - Barney Kuensting, La Grande 159

3rd low gross - Dan Cornett, Vancouver, Wash. 161

4th low gross - Marvin Gibbs, Wallowa 162

1st low net - Chuck Haines, Enterprise 138

2nd low net - Tom Gurney, Joseph 139

3rd low net - Howard Talbott, Portland 142

tie - Jeff Stoffel, Enterprise 142

Longest drives: Bob Payant, Pendleton; John Decker, Enterprise.

Closest to pin: Terry Lamb; John Groupe, Pendleton; Albin Presley, La Grande; Bob Funkhouse, La Grande.

Third Flight:

1st low gross - Jack McCallum, Milton-Freewater 168

2nd low gross - Gerald Sherman, La Grande 173

3rd low gross - Bill Shaw, La Grande 176

4th low gross - Gary Hopkins, Baker City 177

1st low net - Bob Crouser, Elgin 139

tie - Ashley Prince, Enterprise 139

3rd low net - Bill Boone, Walla Walla, Wash. 141

4th low net - LeRoy Smith, Summerville 143

Longest drives: Gary Mallett, Hermiston; JD Nobles, Enterprise; Ashley Prince; Larry Richerson, Joseph.

Closest to pin: Bill Boone; Don Presley, La Grande; Gerald Sherman.

Fourth Flight:

1st low gross - Carl Peterson, Pendleton 177

2nd low gross - Larry Miller, Enterprise 184

3rd low gross - Chet Churchill, Elgin 194

4th low gross - Ken Knifong, Enterprise 195

tie - Rod Pahl, Pendleton 195

1st low net - Jim Kilgore, Enterprise 141

2nd low net - Jack Hays, Walla Walla, Wash. 148

3rd low net - Chris Peterson, Pendleton 150

4th low net - Jim Bohnenkamp, La Grande 151

Longest Drives: Chet Churchill; Carl Peterson; Gus Tsiatsos, La Grande.

Closest to pin: Larry Miller; Brad Fleming, Enterprise; Carl Peterson; Rod Pahl.

Sole Survivor:

Gary Marr, Enterprise and Mike Crawford, Enterprise defeated Greg Grant, Heppner and Craig Braseth, La Grande

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