Spencer Decker

Steve Tool/Wallowa County Chieftain Outlaws player, Spence Decker in the process of sinking two sinking free throws in one of the few bright spots in the varsity boys 60-30 loss to Heppner on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

In a hard fought but fruitless battle, the Outlaws' boys fell to the Heppner Mustangs 60-30 during the final home game of the regular season.

The game proved difficult for the Outlaws as second place Heppner controlled the court at will. Three-pointers fell like rain and filled the bucket for the Mustangs while points remained elusive for the Outlaws.

Turnovers proved a major battle for Enterprise, something the Mustangs took advantage of, much like their extra shots at the basket they got from offensive rebounds. One of the main Enterprise highlights was the bench scoring some points in the closing minutes to give the Outlaws' score a much-needed boost.

Coach Kyle Crawford gave kudos to the Mustangs for playing heads up basketball and sporting a tight defense.

"We weren't stellar offensively," Crawford said. Heppner has a real good team, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see them going to state."

High point scorers for Enterprise were Dallas Harker with eight points and Devin Greer with five. David Salim put in a magnificent effort at both offense and defense.

The Outlaws came close, but no cigar at Pilot Rock for the season final. EHS came up on the short end of a 60-47 score. Nonetheless, coach Kyle Crawford was proud of the team's final effort.

"We didn't end up picking up that last win, however, I'm proud of my boys for working real hard," he said.

The Outlaws won their first Rockets matchup for their first league win of the season and Craw3for said he remind the squad of that before they ventured on to the floor.

The Outlaws were within two at halftime, which gave the team hope. The third quarter saw the Outlaws keeping pace, but the fourth frame saw the Rockets blazing out of sight as they caught fire with three-pointers.

"It was not for a lack of effort on our side," Crawford said. He noted that all five of his seniors scored points in the battle.

Senior Devin Greer led the scoring with 14 in his pocket. Senior Foster Hobbs scored nine with what Crawford called a magnificent effort.

"He played the hardest I've seen him play all year long," he said. "He was literally all over the court."

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