As state wildfire officials prepare for the summer after three severe wildfire seasons, ODF recreation staff are working nonstop to ensure the increasingly-popular parks remain enjoyable.

Demand for recreation opportunities has outpaced capacity — often resulting in conflicts between user groups and creating major issues for sanitation and the environment, safety and vandalism.

As a result, ODF has revised their camping fees for the first time in 20 years.

Camping rule changes include:

• Revised fees: drive-in sites are $15 per night; walk-in sites are $10 per night; group sites are $50 per night. Extra vehicles will be charged $5 per night, per vehicle.

• A campsite may not be occupied by more than eight people and two motor vehicles, unless otherwise posted.

• Registered campers must physically occupy campsites each night during the entire length of their stay. Sites cannot be reserved in advance except for group campsites at select campgrounds.

Other revisions include:

• All large commercial events of more than 50 people, scheduled for longer than four hours, held on state forestland will require organizers to submit an application for a permit, which can be obtained through a local ODF district office. Office locations can be found at

• All forage or feed used on state forestlands for horses or other animals must be certified weed-free, primarily to avoid introducing invasive species to the area.

• ODF will assume custody and remove all abandoned property found after 48 hours in designated recreation areas.

ODF staff and law enforcement reserve the right to exclude or evict visitors not complying with recreation rules.

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