The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) Executive Board approved a new playoff reimbursement formula Monday that is projected to result in an additional $50,000 annually for member schools. The formula, virtually unchanged for more than 20 years, reimburses schools for costs associated with participating in OSAA State Championships.

Using the previous formula during 2003-04, member schools received more than $682,000 in reimbursement from the OSAA.

Classification and Districting

The OSAA Classification and Districting committee, charged with making recommendations for the 2006-2010 time block, will begin meeting later this month. The Executive Board has asked the committee to consider the following: Modifying the number of districts in each classification, adjusting enrollment cut-off points, implementing a multiplier for private schools and creating a fifth classification. Randy Schild, superintendent of the Tillamook School District, will serve as the committee's chair.

Endowment Games

Schools may be allowed to play an additional contest in certain activities if the OSAA Delegate Assembly approves a rule change at its October meeting. The Executive Board forwarded a proposal that would allow "Endowment Games" for varsity football, volleyball and boys and girls basketball beginning in the fall of 2005. Proceeds from these games would directly benefit the soon to be created OSAA Foundation. Endowment games, "... a proven method of jump starting foundations in other states," according to OSAA Public Relations Director Peter Weber, would not count toward participation limitations.

The board also agreed to sponsor a rule change that would prohibit OSAA member schools from participating against schools from other states which are not members of their state associations. The proposal will be voted on at the OSAA Delegate Assembly meeting in October.

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