The Outlaws football squad pulled out all the stops during a remarkable 58-8 home-field steamrolling of Condon/Arlington Oct. 5. “It was a good win,” Coach Rusty Eschler said. He noted the team played with much more aggression.

The Outlaws had what Eschler called a mental lapse on a fourth-quarter kickoff that resulted in a return to the Outlaw 10-yard line and the only score in the game for hapless Condon. Another bright side for the Outlaws, young players received quality playing time.

“Our young guys got to play most of the third and fourth quarters, which they deserve because they work hard in practice,” he said.

Quarterback Jacob Amaro rushed for 20 yards and a touchdown while completing three of four passes for 136 yards and two touchdowns and threw no interceptions. Sophomore Trace Evans seized 186 yards rushing and three touchdowns while Jake Coggins amassed 42 yards and a score. Senior Shane Lund put 59 yards and a touchdown in his go kit. Jericho Peters racked up 35 yards rushing.

The aerial attack included Dylan Marr snagging all three of Amaro’s completions for 136 yards and three touchdowns.

“Apparently, Jacob can only see him,” Eschler said with a laugh. “We didn’t pass much, but we didn’t need to, just enough to make them play honest.”

The coach said one remarkable thing about the win and the season that impressed him was that all three county schools have fielded top-notch football teams.

“If we get a win this week, we’ll be in the top 15, and that’s pretty impressive,” he said. “Wallowa County should be pretty impressed.”


Enterprise snagged its second consecutive win against Union, 32-6, Oct. 12 on their home court. No stats were available prior to press deadline.

After the win, the Outlaws field a 4-3 league and overall record and are ranked at 16 statewide. League playoffs are expected to begin Oct. 26.

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