The Outlaws gridders are on a roll after a heart-stopping 36-28 victory at Ione/Arlington on Friday, Oct. 11. The Outlaws have won two of their last three contests.

Coach Rusty Eschler said the Outlaws fought hard to get the victory and only sealed the win in the waning final minute.

“It was a very physical game,” he said. “Our kids fought the whole way through.”

According to Eschler, the Outlaws played well and led in the first half, but a change of fortune in the second half saw the Outlaws start to fall behind. The Outlaws didn’t quit, and tied the score in the fourth quarter. During a late drive, the Outlaws managed to stifle a Cardinals drive and force a punt. Enterprise took possession of the ball with only about 44 seconds remaining in regulation and the score tied at 28.

The Outlaws went right to work. Helped along by unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, a pass completion to Dallas Harker brought the ball down to the five-yard line with only seconds remaining. Jericho Peters carried the ball in for the score with only 10 seconds on the clock. The two-point conversion brought the game to its final 36-28 score, but the Outlaws weren’t through yet.

Trace Evans intercepted a hail Mary pass as the final play of the game.

“It was an incredibly tight game,” Eschler said. “The kids didn’t quit, and it’s one of the first times they found a way to win. In the past, in dire situations, we kind of got our heads down, but not this time. We’ve hopefully turned a corner, and I’m excited because it’s a good win going into the last game. It was a fun ride home.”

The win left the Outlaws with a 2-2 season record and 2-3 overall, sitting in third place in league standings. The squad is currently in the 19 slot in state rankings. The Outlaws next face Union in an away battle on Thursday, Oct. 17.

“Union’s a pretty good football team,” Eschler said. “It’ll be a real battle for us.”

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