ENTERPRISE – Participation in Outlaws track and field has grown this year to 43 athletes – a new high water mark during Dan Moody’s approximately 25-year-long tenure as Enterprise High’s head track coach.

“It’s been building up,” Moody said, noting that last year’s squad of 37 was itself a large turnout. As it did last year, the Enterprise team also includes athletes from Wallowa High.

For 2013, EHS blends a dozen freshmen into the mix. Moody and assistant coach Rusty Eschler are already familiar with some of these athletes after working with them in junior high, but others are new to track and field. Regardless, none of the frosh are likely to be permanently slotted into events anytime soon.

“We experiment with them for probably half the season trying to find their niche,” Moody explained.

The team as a whole appears to be well-rounded, athletically. “We’re not really weak (in any area),” Moody said. “We’re good in the throws, we have great jumpers. We probably, overall, have more speed this year than we’ve had in a long time for sprinters.”

It’s early yet – which means the lineups of competitors in various events are far from being firmly set – but EHS coaches nonetheless have some impressions about individuals’ possible roles.

For EHS girls’ throwing events, it’s a no-brainer to plan on senior Marta Stangel putting the shot. She qualified for state in this event last year. Other likely shot-putters for the girls include juniors Hannah Schaafsma and Heather McDonald.

Look for Schaafsma to also throw discus, where she could be joined by sophomore Reaanna Royse.

Meanwhile, it’s anybody’s guess as to who might become the leading girls’ javelin throwers. Moody said the team currently has “a pile” of possible competitors, “all pretty much inexperienced throwers.”

Among boys’ throwers, senior Jordan Widener’s name is perhaps most prominent. Widener, who was fifth at state in the javelin last year, will also throw discus and put the shot. Teammates Daniel Kohlhepp, a sophomore, and Kurt Norton, a freshman, among others, should also see action in these latter two throwing events. Last year, as a mere freshman, Kohlhepp finished eighth at state in the shot put.

Girls’ jumpers could include Taylor Jenkins, Sarah Madsen, Zoe Sallada and Andrea Butterfield in the high jump; Jane Kissinger, Katelynn Sidote, Dawn Mist Movich Fields in the long jump; and, in the triple jump, Katie Birkmaier and Hannah Eivindson (who only recently began learning this difficult event).

Moody says the boys’ side looks strong this year in the high jump, where four teammates can clear 5’10” or higher. Within this group is senior Dustin Dean, who should also be a team leader in triple jump. In the long jump, Falk Thieme currently stands out.

On the track, the girls have at least a quartet of good sprinters in seniors Steen and Stangel, freshman Brandi Smith, and sophomore Gwen Nohr, while the boys feature Thieme in the 200 meters, Alex Tyler in the 400, and Austin Burns in the 800.

Steen is an established girls’ hurdler. Boys’ hurdlers include Kaden Lathrop (intermediate and high hurdles), and intermediate hurdlers Nathan Perren and Mason Hafer.

Of special note: The boys return three legs of last year’s 4 x 400 relay team that took third place at state. The returnees: Burns, Tyler, and Eric Schwendiman.

Girls’ distance runners include Whitney Reimer, Parker Spear, Movich-Field, Graf and Madsen. Leading the boys are junior David Ribich, last year’s fourth- and third-place finisher in the 1,500 and 3,000 meters, respectively, and hard-working teammate John Green.

EHS track and field roster by class level:

Freshmen: Jane Kissinger, Whitney Reimer, Brandi Smith, Andrea Butterfield, Natalie Reimer, Katelynn Sidoti, Dawn Mist Movich-Fields, Zoe Sallada, Megan Jones, Tanner Koski, Natahan Perren, Kurt Norton.

Sophomores: Reanna Royse, Parker Spear, Jolene Ginther, Sarah Madsen, Gwen Nohr, Taylor Jenkins, Emma Carlson, Daniel Kohlhepp, Rocky Davidson, Nickolai Christoffersen, Kaden Lathrop, John Garland.

Juniors: Katie Birkmaier, Hannah Schaafsma, Heather Mcdonald, David Ribich, Alex Tyler, Mason Hafer.

Seniors: Hanna Maria Eivindson, Zoe Mathias, Marta Stangel, Elsa Steen, Hannah Graf, Jordan Widener, Dustin Dean, Eric Schwendiman, John Green, Austin Burns, David Hartlich, Falk Thieme.


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