Ribich blazes a trail

Jenny Rinehart

Wallowa's Pierce Millar

A freshman leads the way.

David Ribich, in his first year at Enterprise High School, has paced Wallowa County's cross-country team so far this season. It started Sept. 3 in Elgin, where Ribich completed all 5,000 kilometers of the Mile High Trail Run in 19 minutes and 40 seconds. That was good enough for fourth place. The following weekend, at the Asotin Island Run on Chief Timothy Park in Clarkston, Wash., Ribich again made the top 10 as he finished the shorter course in 16:05.20.

Wallowa County's young team has quickly taken shape. Austin Burns, a sophomore at Wallowa High, ran both races on the heels of Ribich. Burns completed Elgin in 21:39. He took first place in the junior-varsity standings. At Clarkston, he was about 20 seconds behind Ribich. Both times, Wallowa freshman Mason Hafer soon crossed the finish lines. He has been followed by sophomore Pierce Millar, sophomore Austin Reimer and freshman Salvador Mendez.

See results and time in the Scoreboard on Page B3.

After the early start at Elgin, more teammates turned out for the Asotin Island Run. They included two freshmen from Joseph: Will Story and Christopher Warnock. Story closely tailed Reimer.

Meanwhile, Wallowa County took a big team of girls to Asotin's junior-high race. A pair of eighth-graders, Emma Hall and Parker Spear, both made the top 10. They were followed by Sarah Madsen, Natalie Reimer, Whitney Reimer, Sammy Victor, Satori Albee, Addie Kilgore, Claire Beck and Johnelle Suto.

Rocky Davidson, an eighth grader from Enterprise, took 10th place in the boys' run.

Next, the cross-country team will run Sept. 17 at Catherine Creek in Union. Races are scheduled to start at 2:30 p.m.

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