Gridiron ContestWeek Five The secret to offense is simple: just give the football at Roselyn Clegg, an unstoppable running back. She scored 14 touchdowns on 15 carries and won Week Five of the Chieftain's Gridiron Contest.

BowlingThursday Night Women's League(as of Oct. 12)

High Scratch Game - Team

Southfork Ready Mix, 609; Cool Lumber, 606; Community Bank, 551.

High Scratch - Individual

Susan Gilstrap, 174; Brenda Exon, 172; Mary Kay Knapp, 171.

Sunday Night Mixed Doubles(as of Oct. 11)High Series

EZ's, 2519; JD Hagan, 633; Cace Sidoti, 619; Bob Zacharias, 606; John Lewis, 604; Chuck Haines, 582; Larry Miller, 528; Red Evans, 524; Ray Wheeler, 516.

High Games

EZ's, 886; Bob Zacharias, 239; Cace Sidoti, 237, 200; Chuck Haines, 231; JD Hagan, 222, 212; John Lewis, 213, 211; Red Evans, 203; Susan Gilstrap, 200.

Wednesday Night Men's League(as of Oct. 7)

High Games

Cace Sidoti, 230; Clay Freels, 222, 205; Jerry Hook, 215; Seth McKern, 211; Chuck Haines, 206; Jeff Jenkins, 205; Jerry Cornett, 203, Ken Holt, 203; Todd Wagner, 202, 200.

High Series

Clay Freeks, 617.

StandingsHigh school football(as of Oct. 12)

High school volleyball

(as of Sept. 28)

Class 2A-5

Blue Mountain Conference

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