The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission has approved the fishing season for spring chinook salmon in the Columbia River that were set by the Columbia River Compact earlier this month.

Mainstem Columbia River from the Hayden Island powerlines upstream to Bonneville Dam

? March 1 through March 22 open seven-days-a-week; March 25 through April 22 open four-days-a-week (Wednesdays-Saturdays).

? Two adipose fin-clipped salmon or steelhead, but only one may be a Chinook

? The mainstem Columbia will be open for retention of adipose fin-clipped steelhead and shad only during days and seasons open for retention of adipose fin-clipped spring chinook

Willamette River (downstream of Willamette Falls)

? March 19 - April 30 open three-days-a-week (Thursdays-Saturdays) for spring Chinook, and open for retention of steelhead under permanent rule for the remainder of the week.

? The daily bag limit will be two adult adipose fin-clipped salmon or steelhead, but only one may be a chinook

SturgeonThe Commission also approved permanent rules that set a 2009 recreational sturgeon season on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers as follows:

? In the estuary below the Wauna powerlines: Jan. 1-April 30, seven-days-a-week; May 9-June 28, seven-days-a-week; July 2-July 5; 38-inch minimum fork length January through April, 41-inch minimum fork length remainder of season

From Bonneville to McNary Dam: Sturgeon retention is allowed seven days a week with reservoir specific quotas - The annual quota for The Dalles pool 2009-2011 fishery was raised from 100 to 300 fish per year.

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