“That’s the way the ball bounces” — an old cliché that proved true for Brad Stephens, who, while playing his game, watched his shaky second shot take a miraculous bounce over Trout Creek onto the seventh green, allowing him to make a one-putt for a birdie.

A birdie ─ more of a rarity on a par four hole than a par three ─ is a score of one under par which is a feather in any golfer’s cap.

Like Stephens, all golfers love a good bounce, but when the ball bounces in the creek, out of bounds or into a sand trap there is no joy in golfville. The player is now looking at a one-stroke penalty, an iffy bunker shot and a bogey to boot. Isn’t golf fun!

For those who watched television play of the US Open at Chambers Bay in University Place, Wash., you had to wonder if the pros were having fun on the difficult links course. Even with the most skillfully placed shots, frustrated players watched their ball bounce and roll over the hard surface of fescue grasses invariably ending up in the rough or bunker. Chuck Haines and son Mark (of Port Angeles) observed live play from the gallery stands, as did Terry and Cheri Lamb and Tim and Laurie Testerman. “It’s a uniquely beautiful course,” Cheri stated. “Security was tight, and there was less access to individual holes, but even though it was not spectator friendly we were excited to rub elbows even at a distance.”

Of the 101 Eastside Seniors who traveled to Baker, June 15, fifteen golfers represented Alpine Meadows, and they rode over and back comfortably “Cadillac style.” Ray Harmon shot an 82 gross, and won points with a net 70.

Carol Marr, Judy Ables, Sherri Currie and Cheri Lamb traveled to La Grande Ladies Invitational. The ladies were evasive when asked about scores. “It was an experience,” the foursome chimed.

Men’s Day Blind Partner winners: Ashley Prince and Dean Duquette, 141. Skins Winners: Jim Kilgore, Terry Lamb, Buck Beier, Ashley Prince and Harlan Menton.

Remember, no matter how the ball bounces there’s something about the game of golf that keeps you coming back.

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