Just as there are those employees and volunteers to whom Alpine Meadows Golf Course depends on to operate the course, the club also depends on golfers who show their support by purchasing memberships, punch cards, green fees and rental carts.

AMGC is fortunate with their strong following of local golfers, those from Union County, and tourists from near and far.

Meet a quintet from Wallowa that Alpine Meadows would consider “dependables.”

On any given Wednesday during the summer months, Nancy Crenshaw, Linda Chrisman, Donna Johnson, Maggie Conley, Kathy Willett and Sharon Forster, all of Enterprise, gather at AMGC to play golf.

“We’ve been playing together for seven to eight years now,” said Linda Chrisman. “If all of us are playing, we form two groups. We’re slow moving. Takes three hours to play nine holes so we wave a lot of golfers through.”

She added that, “no one keeps score. A bad hit makes for good laughs. I buy a punch card. It’s a good clubhouse offer.”

Nancy Crenshaw, who plays more often than Wednesdays, some with her 13-year-old grandson, Kellen Crenshaw, is so appreciative that there is a golf course close by. She speaks highly of the staff.

“Always accommodating,” she said. “Our group feels comfortable on the course, even with social distancing we have a lot of fun, and it is so beautiful out there.”

Kathy Willett, whose husband, Gary, volunteered many hours at Alpine for several years, was a late comer to the group.

“In the five years I’ve played, I’ve made friends forever,” she said. “It’s more about the fun than the golf, although a good shot once in a while is good for the soul.”

Willett hasn’t played this year, but isn’t giving it up.

“I need to get out there, knee or no knee, hit a ball or two, ride in the cart and get fresh air,” she said.

Donna Johnson says she is the slow one of the group.

“I don’t hit the ball far. Sometimes I pick up, and walk while enjoying the course. Also, Marvin gets us our rental carts and coffee,” she said. “He’s so nice.”

Maggie Conley, retired, county resident 11 years, grew up in a golf family.

“Mom was an avid golfer. She wanted us siblings to do clinics, be serious. No thanks,” she said. “I like the Meadows’ laid-back atmosphere. No one gets upset. Show up, go out and have fun. I walk the course, good exercise.”

Sharon Forster, who joins the group when she’s in town, has played quite a bit this year. She was unavailable for comment for this column.

Alpine Meadows welcomes these gals. Will they ever get serious and get all frustrated like other golfers? Well it all depends — let’s hope not.


Rochelle Danielson of Enterprise loves the game of golf and has golfed for many years at Alpine Meadows.

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