Almost every golf course has its unique personalities.

Alpine Meadows shares in that distinction.

Tucked away in the county’s upper valley, AMGC gives the golfer a standout view of Ruby Peak along with the rest of the Wallowa Mountains. Not only is the scene one-of-a-kind, the 9-hole course’s fairways and greens present their own charm and challenge.

Over time, as golfers become familiar with the AMGC layout, they form likes, dislikes, attitudes and habits.

In a “Man on the Street” interview, the question asked, “What’s your favorite hole, and why?

Answers from ladies playing forward tees:

Belinda Kuntz, clubhouse employee/first-year golfing AMGC: “No. 3, 270 yards,” she says. “It’s the dog leg. It seems to play into my game.”

Beth Hough, a Ladies Day steady, defies No. 4, the 118-yard, par-3 hole with tip of pond playing hazard directly in front of tee box. “It’s a mental challenge,” Hough laments. “I like to keep track of how many balls I hit in the water.”

A Tuesday favorite for ladies is No. 1, a par 3, 91 yards. Donna McCadden claims it’s the one hole she can sometimes respectably score. Cheri Lamb had her only hole in one. Ernestine Kilgore and Karen Coppin claim birdies.

Lil Harshfield is fond of No. 6, a 391-yard, par 5 that parallels the hillside. Lil states she usually plays the distance well, and too, especially enjoys the evening mountain-view.

Answers from the back tees:

Marvin Gibbs, clubhouse manager, likes No 8. He claims it should be the easiest hole to score, but says with a cheesy grin, “I can make it difficult with a hill shot or a pull to the left.”

Mike Reynolds, retired plumber, doesn’t have a favorite, but does like the drive off No. 1. “A good shot to the green makes my day, but just being out there is great too.”

JD Hagan, greens super, favors No. 3. His plan is a perfect shot over the trees, soft chip to green and birdie the par-4 hole. “No. 3 was my grandpa, George Thompson’s, favorite hole, too. He played golf until he was 90, and only quit because he couldn’t get over Trout Creek on No 7 in two shots.”

Carol Marr’s favorite is the 19th hole especially when we can gather after play.


Rochelle Danielson of Enterprise loves the game of golf and has golfed for many years at Alpine Meadows.

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