Today, Alpine Meadows Golf Course looks like America’s best kept front yard, but it didn’t get that way overnight.

Weeks before the course officially opened the greens’ crew of Mac Huff, Tristan Beck, Greg Oveson and Jon Hagan, spent many the day clearing debris from last winter’s fury. JD Hagan, greens superintendent, says, “With the many giant black willow trees on the course there’s always tons of downed branches. The Johnson rake, Alpine Meadows purchased a few years ago, has lightened our load but there’s still plenty of work to be done.”

While JD and crew readied fairways/greens for opening, several volunteers were either making improvements in other areas of the course, or had done so in recent past.

Mike Reynolds set his sights sprucing up front entrance to clubhouse. He raked dried leaves, pulled thistles on both sides of fence, and set painted bumper logs in the parking lot. He also straightened the leaning light pole by the entry gate.

Chuck Haines, who is now remodeling the ‘scoring booth’ with the help of Mike Harshfield, built new steps to the #1 Tee box.

Another active volunteer, Ron Layton repaired cart paths and put down red cinder rock donated by EONL. Also, in early spring Layton removed the old BBQ brick pit and teetering light pole.

In regards to Covid-19 rule ‘not touching’, Greg Oveson’s idea of using pool noodles in greens’ cups makes it safe to retrieve ball without removing flag sticks. During off-season, Oveson transported outdoor equipment out of town for repair. He and Tristan hauled mower reels to Buffalo Peak for sharpening.

In February several volunteers helped shovel snow off greens so fungicide could be put on. Again, Hagan commented, “Greens conditions are at their best due to actions taken earlier.”

While Marvin Gibbs, clubhouse manager, claims he has nothing to do with outside improvements, he’s ahead of the game inside. His friendly staff, Cheryl Kooch, Belinda Kuntz and Lil Harshfield, donned in colorful masks donated by Cindy Parks, are loaded with expertise. They’re also efficient in wiping down golf carts.

President, Judy Ables says, “Thanks to all of you. It takes quite a team to make it possible for the golf course to work, and we’re so lucky to have people who care for the course and are willing to pitch in.”

And that my fellow golfers is why AMGC looks like America’s ‘best kept’ front yard.

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