What a delight to play golf in the sunshine!

Saturday ─ the day of the Triple Six Golf Tournament at Alpine Meadows ─ there was no sun. It turned out to be one of those “scrunch up your shoulders and rub your hands together” kind of day. But moody skies and chilling winds didn’t stop the tournament.

Golfers made the best of it. Then, surprisingly, in early afternoon the sky cleared and the teams were able to play their last two holes in the welcoming warmth of old’ Sol.

“What a relief. What fun,” said a smiling Triple Sixer.

WINNERS: Flight One: Low Gross — Mike Rahn/Brian Rahn, 71. Low Net – Mike Harshfield/Tyler Harshfield, 68; Flight Two: Low Gross – Tristin Beck/Pat Lynn, 79. Low Net – Chuck Haines/Cindy Parks, 71.25; KP (Closest to Pin) #1 – Marvin Gibbs. #4 – Chad Conrad.

Bill Ables, tournament chairman, thanks Allison Cornett/Kathy Reynolds, scoring and Marsha Hauptmann, Belinda Kuntz and Cheri Lamb café/bar hospitality.

In La Grande Country Club’s Spring Swing (Women’s Best Ball) June 1, Cindy Parks/Cheri Lamb placed third low net in Second Flight. Then, Cindy entered a “Horse Race,” and with partner, Lisa Newman, from Pendleton, won first place of 18 teams. In raffle drawing, Cindy and Cheri won a trunk load of prizes.

Thursday Men’s Day has been active since May 9th. Golfers play Blind Draw/low gross and net. They also score “Skins” with payout. Winners for May’s Blind Draw include Dick Anderson, Terry Lamb, Dale Johnson, Gary Marr, Chuck Haines. Skins include Bill Ables, Fred Cornett, Terry Lamb, Dale Johnson, Harlan Menton, Dean Duquette, Ashley Prince and Mike Reynolds.

REMINDER from Marvin Gibbs/Terry Lamb who attended rules clinic sponsored by OSGA at La Grande Country Club. Twenty of the most often used rules are posted on the bulletin board at AMGC clubhouse. Please study. If you’re posting scores for handicap follow rules as closely as possible. If you’re just out for a fun day and not competition play and have fun. Remember to sand your divots and repair your ball marks on green.

Bright Note: A group of motorcyclists (bikers) from Seattle showed up at AMGC in late afternoon Saturday to play a little golf before camping out for the night. They’d been riding all day. One ‘in leather’ said, “We came to golf in the sunshine, and it looks like we picked the right afternoon.”

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