Beier fountain

Buck Beier’s memorial fountain will bring more beauty and grace to the golf course, along with his memory.

There’s just something about the sight and sound of an outdoor water fountain . . . could be its motion, its mesmerizing ripples, or the calmness and tranquility its flow permeates. Whatever its effect people love it. Why, it beckons you to toss a coin over your shoulder and make a wish.

For Alpine Meadows, a pond fountain is now a reality, a long-awaited wish come true. Golfers are already enjoying its aesthetics, and the greens crew are loving its functionality. The fountain’s aerating ability will reduce algae growth.

A sincere thanks goes to the Marsha Beier family and friends who donated the fountain in loving memory of Marsha’s husband, Donald H. “Buck” Beier. A plaque, situated on the pond bank, states that Buck lived to play golf.

“He really did live to play golf,” Marsha says. “He loved his fellow golfers, and also enjoyed the social aspect of the game. During the last two years of his illness, he and I discussed a fountain for the pond. I’m sure he would be happy knowing we made it happen.”

With the big splash the fountain has made, small added touches to AMGC may have gone unnoticed, especially by recreational or out-of-town golfers, but for those who play the course often there’s an outward appreciation for the colorful potted planters and hanging baskets at the clubhouse entrance, and near the practice putting green.

Too, the freshly groomed flower beds at each tee box that the Tuesday Ladies group clean up and maintain each year add to the course’s grooming. That goes for the back tee box on #2, and the AMGC hillside logo, that are momentarily free of weeds.

The women are back!

Tuesday, June 2, sixteen gals showed up to play golf, all in separate carts. It kind of surprised a few fellows who had had the golf course to themselves on early morning Tuesdays for the past couple of months, but when explained that it was officially Ladies Day until 10 a.m., they were gracious in accepting a wait time to play.

Alpine Meadows is a gracious place. Come play a round, check out the pond fountain and Buck’s plaque situated against a backdrop of our outstanding Wallowa Mountains. It’s a breath taking scene.

Tournament Notice: Triple Six will take place Saturday, June 27th.

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