Although wind, water and wicked skies played havoc to Alpine Meadows Golf Course during April, neither flooding nor a lightning strike could keep a good course down.

That’s not to say its seasonal opening went smoothly.

The course opened to the public in mid-April on a Monday, but closed again the next day — and remained closed for four days due to major flooding issues. Most of the fairways were playable, but certain greens along Trout Creek required waders.

To add to AMGC weather woes lightning struck the tree to the left of the No. 1 green. Not only did it destroy the huge old tree, the strike wiped out 5-6 sprinkler controller boxes. On a heavy note … a big expense. On a lighter note … one golfer’s lament, “I wish the lightning had hit the tree to the right. That’s where my drive usually goes.”

Mother Nature may have landed its punches, but the greens crew and volunteers worked with diligence to get the course up to speed. Activities such as Thursday Men’s Days, Tuesday Ladies Days, and Skins (two-person team) on Wednesday evening, are already in progress. Anyone interested in joining one of the above mentioned groups, you’ll be welcome. Check with the clubhouse or go to the web site for more information.

The golf ladies held their first monthly morning meeting of the summer with President Karen Coppin, presiding. Discussions ranged from serious to silly. After meeting adjournment the gals were able to play 9 to 14 holes of golf before the rain returned.

Several tournaments are planned for the season. The 5th Annual Triple Six Golf Tournament will take place Saturday, June 8th. It’s a 2-person team event. The format consists of 6-Holes — Best Ball; 6-Holes – Scramble; 6-Holes – Chapman. It’s a fun time and a challenge just to keep score. The payouts — net and gross — for each flight are worth the entry fee of $85 per person.

As of January 2019, there have been important changes in the USGA Rules of Golf. Three such rules are: Putting with flag stick in hole is now permitted. Measuring a drop – use longest club except putter. Dropping – drop from knee high rather than shoulder.

Enjoy the game. Know the rules. Save time.

Rochelle Danielson belongs to the golf course and loves to play golf.

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