Memory lapses? We all have them. For sure golfers do. In re-reading Ellen Morris Bishop’s golf course write up in the Chieftain a few weeks ago giving a brief history and description of the golf course, I lapsed into ‘not-so-forgotten’ memories of golfing at Alpine Meadows.

Taking a step back:

As a newcomer to Wallowa County in the 70’s, and as a novice golfer, I sought out and joined AMGC, so thankful for a golf course in the area. I began playing. Motivated with good shots, baffled by bad, caught up in the game. Golf does that to you.

Old newspaper clips report that before the big dirt-moving constructional change of the 60’s, the golf course had served as an airport, a football field on Fairway #6, and pasture to cows and sheep.

In the 70’s AMGC mapped out similar to today’s nine-hole set up although the #5 green was later completely restructured from what was a tall, ghastly grass-covered mound nicknamed Iwo Jima. That green had to go!

Taking steps forward:

The three sets of tee boxes (back, middle and forward) mentioned by Bishop, replaced what was once two sets: men’s tees and women’s tees with not much difference in fairway distance. Golfers like the change. Gals, who normally play the forward, unconsciously still refer to them as the women’s tees.

Surrounded by the #4 & #7 fairways, a kidney-shaped pond, constructed for irrigation, added not only enhancement, but also became a water hazard.

The #7 green was completely redesigned, although it didn’t change the fact that Trout Creek still claims its victims.

The Wallowa Mountains view, fresh air, and wildlife, a constant gift.

Today with many golf courses closed because of the coronavirus, Alpine Meadows is one of the lucky ones. With so many recreational activities on hold it has been said that golf is the perfect sport for a pandemic. If you’re in this situation take advantage of the extra time. Introduce yourself to AMGC. Get caught up in the game. Have fun. Make memories.

Marvin Gibbs, clubhouse manager, and, who also gives golf lessons, says all golfers practice social distancing and obey other COVID-19 rules. “Memberships are up. New faces appear every week. Starting Friday, hot dogs, beer and pop will be available at window.”

Hot diggity dog! No memory lapse there.

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