There ought to be a law that gives lady golfers the opportunity to press an imaginary ‘REPLAY’ button whenever they have a super drive or a spectacular putt. On separate occasions this past month Donna McCadden and Panky Hauxwell, two members of Tuesday Ladies group, would have enjoyed watching a replay of their high flying drives and bulls-eye putts that gave each of them a birdie on No. 4’s par 3.

Come to think about it, if a replay button is possible in a fantasy game of golf wouldn’t it be nice if the gals could also have a ‘SAVE’ button for the perfect swing, and a ‘DELETE’ button for an in-the-creek or out-of-bounds penalty shot? There’d be no need for a ‘CURSOR’── no imagination necessary.

It’s not a fantasy that Tuesday Ladies Day has seen an upswing in turnout the past couple of weeks. On June 11, sixteen gals met at 9 a.m. for the monthly business meeting after which they teamed up in pairs and together played 5 holes of what might be called a very slow “Horse Race.” First place money winners were Carol Marr and Panky Hauxwell. Second place, Ernestine Kilgore and Dayle Harmon. Third place: Judy Ables and Kathy Reynolds. The other five teams were only a horse-length back.

While the sun shone brightly and a breeze blew softly eighteen to twenty gals teamed up for an excellent day of golf on Ladies Day Tuesday, June 18. A welcome to newcomers Sue Coppin and Kim Tally.

Carol Marr and Cindy Parks traveled out of the county on Thursday, June 13th to play in Baker City’s Ladies Invitational. When asked if they won golf balls, money or a bouquet of flowers, Carol’s answer was, “We had a lot of fun.”

Speaking of flowers check out the beauties at AMGC clubhouse entry way. Credit goes to Judy Ables and Nancy Huff for the big planters and hanging baskets. Alder Slope Nursery had a hand in the planters. Joseph FFA gets a thank-you for the hanging basket on patio.

An Eastside Senior’s monthly Monday notable: Chuck Haines, one of AMGC’s Eastside Seniors, says sixteen Wallowa County golfers traveled to Union’s Buffalo Peak June 17, for competition play with 76 golfers from northeast Oregon. Alpine Meadows will host the seniors in August.

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