The Constitution has the Eighth amendment, which precludes the institution of cruel and unusual punishment, but no one at the Joseph Eagles' 93-7 massacre of Mitchell/Spray/Wheeler Loggers let that stay their hand on Friday, Oct. 18.

The bloodletting started with Joseph scoring just a very few minutes into the game, and didn't let up until the final whistle with just a few seconds left. If the league had not had a mercy rule allowing the more-or-less continuing running of the clock when 40 or more points separate teams in the second half, the score would have broken 100 points and then some.

Chief among the carnage leaders, superstar running back, Carson Littlepage, has perfected stutter steps and sudden speed changes to the point where he's virtually unstoppable on the field.  The defense, led by head animal, Jonah Staigle, spent most of its time keeping the Loggers' offense bottled up, allowing only one score as a kind of anomaly. The Loggers had their most success passing, but the scoreboard showed its sustained effectiveness.

Coach Christman made sure everyone on the squad got plenty of playing time, but the Eagles' tidal wave was frankly unstoppable. Many starters even played out of position, such as Staigle playing running back for a series did little to stop the exsanguination. 

Littlepage led the rushing with 64 yards and two touchdowns on three carries while Juston Rogers amassed 75 yards on a single touch. Guylen Snyder rushed for four touchdowns while etching 74 yards on six touches.

Aerially, the Eagles were 9 for 12 with various players taking up the QB part. Rogers threw six of the team's seven TD passes.

Defensively, Snyder felled 11 loggers while Littlepage laid the ax to 10. The latter also scored two pick-sixes.

The contest left the Eagles with a 5-0 season record. They next play versus Prairie City/Burnt River in a playoff game at Madras High School on Friday, Nov. 1 at 3 p.m.

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