Wallowa County wrestlers put in a fine performance at this year’s state championships, returning from Portland with two gold and a bronze medal for their efforts.

Cole Farwell of Enterprise High School and Steven Beckman of Joseph/Wallowa took top spots in their weight classes while Austin Brockamp returned with bronze for a third place finish. Shane Lund of Enterprise finished fourth.

Joseph coach Tim Kiesecker’s squad placed fifth in a field of more than 20 teams.

“Everybody won at least one match,” Kiesecker said. “I couldn’t be more proud. It’s the first year I remember that everyone did what I thought they could and should do.”

Beckman, who won his second consecutive championship at 106 pounds without breaking a sweat, took his performance in stride. The junior spent a total of about three minutes mat time, pinning his opponents inside of one minute each.

“I felt a little different this year,” he explained. “Last year I was so nervous I wasn’t even really there. I was relaxed this year.”

Beckman made a vow to himself to win a state championship before graduation. No one in his weight class had won three state championships.

“I’ve got two,” he said. “Why not go for a third?” Beckman got serious for a moment before adding that he wanted to spend more time helping his teammates.

“I want to wrestle more as a team, we have a good team, and we did well this year, but we can do better,” he said.

Enterprise coach Troy Farwell was also pleased with the performance of his Outlaws squad, who finished 10th at the championships.

“Considering it’s state, and the top eight wrestlers in every class competed, we wrestled pretty well,” he said.

Cole Farwell, who won his second consecutive championship at 126 pounds, was happy to end his wrestling career on a high note. He won all his matches by fall with his last wrapping just before the end of the first round.

He said that his last opponent wrestled defensively, which made it easier for him to apply the pressure and force an easy win.

Farwell noted he had a different attitude about the championships this year.

“I’ve been through this before,” he said. “I felt more calm and relaxed going in this year.

He has no regrets about the end of his high school career.

“My goal when I started was to win one state championship. I’ve won two now, so I’ve exceeded my goals, both for the championships and the season,” he said.

Overall, Coach Farwell accounted the season a success.

“We had a pretty good year,” he said. I judge my team as a whole, not on individual stats, but on whether we wrestle over .500 or not, and we did that this year.”

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