Out of curiosity I drove to Alpine Meadows Saturday before last to check out the JAIP (Joseph Athletic Improvement Project) tournament. From the course’s entrance on Golf Course Road to way beyond the cart sheds rigs were parked catawampus in a tight squeeze. It looked like Joseph’s Main Street during the June car show.

After double parking I ventured in the gate to the clubhouse. A group of happy golfers were teeing off on No. 1, another quartet was waiting in the wings, while another foursome was making the turn on No. 9. It was a sign of a slow ─ maybe seven-hour ─ golf day for the 92 players who entered the fun and lucrative event, but no one seemed concerned.

You’ve got to hand it to sportsman and coordinator, Lance Homan, in his quest to raise funds for Joseph athletics. The project’s success can be attributed to not only Homan’s tenacity and quiet charm, but as he put it, “We feel lucky to have so many golfers who want to take part in something we feel is very special to our school, athletes and community.”

A majority of the field were men’s teams, with two women’s groups and four youth. Michelle Homan, Gayle Stephens, Mandy Decker and Kendall Hayes teamed up, as well as Jary Homan, Courtney Clark, Linda Esplin and Kristin Albee. The Suto family (John, Billie, Tori and Blade) played as a foursome, and Sherri Kilgore, Tyler Homan and Kade Kilgore made up a trio.

“The JAIP tournament brought in an estimated net $8K. The amount is about the same as last year,” says Homan. “This year’s funds will be used for uniforms (except football) for each of the girls’ and boys’ sports activities. We plan to repair football helmets.”

Lance added, “The tournament was a success, and we want to thank the crew at Alpine Meadows who made the course look wonderful and provided a welcoming environment.”

The winners: First Place team of Tim Gilbert, John Hagan, Wayne Polumsky and Mac Huff shot a 60. Second Place — Dave Stephens, John Decker, Greg Oveson and Mike Crawford, 61. Third Place team of Doug McKinnis, Mike Harshfield, Jerry Cornett and Josh Kissinger, 64.

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