The results are in for the Sept. 2 Wallowa Lake Sprint Triathlon. This year’s event featured a 250-meter swim beginning at the Wallowa Lake Marina, a 12-mile road bike ride to the city of Joseph and back, and a 5k run through the Wallowa Lake Resort area. This event is a fundraiser for Safe Harbors agency, providing services for victims of domestic and sexual violence in Wallowa County. The 2017 race raised $3,400 in sponsorship and $1,200 in entry fees.

Winners in the overall category:

Jeff Mutchie, 46: swim 5:56; bike 32.33; run 19:03 for a total time of 56.23.

Zack Rock, 38: swim 7:15; bike 32:33; run 22:56 for a total of 1:05:40.

Jeff Keyser, 42, swim 4:28; bike 34.01: run 25:39 for a total of 1:08:11.

Other winners in men’s age groups were:

16-19: Benson Hepworth, 17, 1:15:52

20-29: Taylor Gentry, 25, 1:15:17

30-39: Zack Rock, 38, 1:05:40 and Mike Lees, 36, 1:08:23.

40-49: Jeff Mutchie, 46, 1:05:40; Jeff Keyser, 42, 1:08:11; and David Kirk, 46, with a time of 1:08.31.

50-59: Ron McAfee, 59, 1:34:39 and Jerry Ivy, 58, 1:39:58.

Winners in women’s divisions:

The fastest woman overall was Lindsay Thane, 25, swim 5:05; bike 40:18; run 21:37 for a total of 1:09.31

Second: Laura Berg, 46 swim 5:42; bike 37:26, run 26:40 for a total of 1:11:34

Third: Silje Christoffersen, 22 swim 6:20; Bike 39:15; run 24.09 for a total of 1:12:54.

20-29: Thane and Christoffersen stood first and second respectively.

30-39: Jill Kuehler, 38, 1:14:33; Sara Cogan, 38, 1:15:02; and Alyssa Carter, 31, 1:22:14.

40-49: Laura Berg, 46, take first with a total time of 1:11:34; Anette Christoffersen in Team Christoffersen, 49, 1:13:07; and Megan Paul, 42, 1:13:17.

Jennifer Hobbs, 48, was the fastest and oldest female runner with 1:34:35.

Team results:

Team Christoffersen (Vikings) saw Nils swim in 7:02; Annette bike in 40:05; and Leif run in 25:23 for a total of 1:13:07.

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