Vikings pillage Savages

Jake VanderZanden's moves were good enough to rack up 80 yards against one of the best defenses in 2A football. Photo by Michael Lane

Vale, now 7-1, is not only a new addition to the Wapiti League, the school will be going into the playoffs representing its new 2A home.

The Vikings took the Savages apart 56-0 in Enterprise on Friday night, with superior size and numbers making the contest a moot point from early in the first quarter. Onlookers may have sensed the drift of the wind when Vale's Josh Robertson took the initial kickoff 90 yards for a touchdown, putting Vale on the board with only 15 seconds elapsed. Vale went on to score seven more times, twice on interceptions, and the Viking defense left nothing to chance.

The game served to illustrate some of the concerns of 2A classification, with a top-size school like Vale - bringing two busses of dressed players and listing 68 on their roster - facing off against a barely 2A school like Enterprise with a mere 29 players on the roster, some of whom are out for the season with injuries.

Mismatch or not, Enterprise played a full four quarters and played as hard as it could. Enterprise junior Jake VanderZanden had 16 carries for 80 yards against a big, fast and mean Vale defense. Savage linebacker Craig Swart was in on better than a dozen good tackles and played every down as hard as he could.

Enterprise boosters never say die. The whole crowd erupted late in the game when, down 56-0 and playing strictly for respect, 108-pound freshman Luca Stangel snagged his very first game pass for an eight yard gain.

Enterprise (0-4) will be headed to Union (1-3) for the final game of its season on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

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