Wallowa students write about sled dog races, musher who visits school

<p>Sled dod racer Laura Daugereau begins her 200 mile trek through the Wallowa Mountains from the Ferguson Ridge Ski Area. Daugereau was the first musher to cross the finish line after her two day race through the snow and the cold..</p>

Sidney Stonebrink and Chelsea Campbell, students in Jennifer Gibbs’ fifth-grade class at Wallowa Elementary School, wrote about this year’s Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race in the Jan. 28 issue of the class’s publication, the Cougar Club Chronicle. The Chieftain today reprints those stories.

Sled Dog Races

By Sidney Stonebrink

At the sled dog race it was loud with excitement! The Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race was held January 24 through the 26th. On the 24th our class made posters for the mushers to sign.

Then we loaded up on the bus and headed to Fergi! Once we got there, we went to get our posters autographed by the mushers we were rooting for. It was time for the race to begin we hiked uphill to find a good place to watch the mushers take off. It was even louder than before.

The dogs were jumping up and down with happiness, barking, “Yea! We get to go! I know it!”

When the mushers went by, we held up our posters. They went one at a time, with a few minutes between each. We waited until each team was out of sight and then the next would go. This was for the 100 and 200 mile races.

Then we moved down closer to our bus and that’s where the 62 mile race began. This race was divided into two days, 31 miles each with no camping. The mushers come back and start again the next day.

We all had fun on the trip. It should be continued for fifth graders every year!

Sled Dogs at School

By Chelsea Campbell

Laura Daugereau came to our school on January 23, 2013 to show us her sled dogs. She is competing in the 200-mile race this year in the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race.

I asked Laura some questions. I asked what kind of dogs she used: she said she used Alaskan Huskies.

The other questions I asked was, how good are your dogs: she said they are really good on the trail. I asked her one last question, is this your first year, second, third, or more years doing this: she said this is her second year up here doing this, but she raced with her dogs in other races. She even raced in the Alaskan Iditarod race which is 1000 miles!

Thank you, Laura Daugereau, for coming to our school!

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